“The first experience of the Cultural Revolution of the “Little Red Soldier


I was a “red soldier”, born with the red, and grew up with the red. When I was in the second grade, the “Cultural Revolution”, an “unprecedented” cultural revolution, began.

I remember one morning in 1966, as usual, at the urging of my father, I got up with my brother and small friends ready to run to the park not far away to exercise and play, from the sports road just on the construction of Avenue, but found that overnight the streets and alleys everywhere plastered with red and green slogans of all sizes, feel fresh and curious, we hailed a turn to the street to see the action. Seeing a slogan “Long live the spirit of proletarian revolutionary rebellion”, further on, what “rebellion is justified, the revolution is not guilty”, “carry out the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” “The central square became a sea of slogans.

Although we didn’t understand the word “rebellion”, we were surprised and puzzled because we had heard some ancient stories of reckless heroes and felt from the adults’ tone that the word seemed to have a rebellious flavor of “treason”. How can there be a rebellion under the Communist Party? Who rebelled against whom? Faced with this sudden change of “rebellion” and “revolution”, I felt a little scared and a little excited at the same time.

One hot noon, I heard the sound of a gong on the sports road outside my window and thought it was a juggler coming. The “Black Five” were men and women with shaved “yin and yang” heads, wearing black tags or paper hats, banging broken gongs or pots and bare feet. They were escorted by the “Red Guards” and the “rebels” with belts and sticks, and beaten, sweating and hobbling in pain, in what turned out to be a parade (this was a repeat of the 1920s peasant movement’s fight against the “Tuhao and Bad Kun (This is the reenactment of the 1920s peasant movement to fight “Tuhao and bad kun”). Looking at the sun-drenched pavement and the “black five” walking barefoot on it, many adults and children were looking at it with a strange and lively mentality, and even shouted: who asked you to oppress and exploit the people, who asked you to oppose Chairman Mao and the Communist Party?

I was a little surprised, shocked and scared, looking at the pair of blood stumbling barefoot, the blood stains, and the face of the pain distorted and mostly white at the temples, I put myself in their place and imagined the extreme physical and mental pain, could not bear to look and did not dare to look, my young heart was a little afraid to think: so terrible, is this the revolution? But seeing the attitude of the Red Guard rebels towards the enemy and the indifferent and even relieved expressions of the “revolutionary masses”, I was a bit skeptical of my own thoughts and position, and later became accustomed to being a spectator.

Soon after, the “Red Commander” published a big-character poster “Cannonball Command” and wore the Red Guard armbands to parade the millions of Red Guards in Tiananmen Square for eight consecutive times to show his full support for the Red Guards’ rebellion, and at the same time sent a message to the Red Guards, the rebels and the people of the country, “You should care about national affairs, you should Since then, the Red Guards have been stirring up the “red fire” in large groups all over the country, and they have been travelling for free, which has almost paralyzed the national railroads and highways, and the food, clothing and housing industry, which has further promoted The “red” wild ride a wide range of deep and lasting development.

It was from then on that I, who was “red in the roots” and devoutly loyal to the leader, began to respond to the call of the “Four Greats” (Great Teacher, Great Leader, Great Commander, Great Helmsman) and really began to actively care about and devote myself to the movement. I began to listen to my father and the adults talking about current affairs, and also learned to read newspapers and listen to the radio to care about current affairs, and often went to the street to read the large and small-character posters to listen to the propaganda speeches and debates of the adults, and also had a political orientation.

Because I love and firmly believe in Chairman Mao’s great determination to follow his revolution, so I firmly side with Mao’s Red Guards and the rebel faction and applaud their rebellious actions, moreover, I admire and envy them very much in my heart, especially their glorious and sacred green uniform and the red armband on their arms, and regret that I was not born a few years earlier, otherwise I could also be a Red Guard.

On two occasions, I had the courage to join the “revolution”, leaving the classroom with some daring students to go to the nearby Railway Mechanics School to watch and support the rebellion, watching the two factions quarrel and debate, and expressing solidarity with the Red Guards brothers who belonged to the “rebellion”, and when the two factions When the two factions developed from a debate and quarrel to a fist fight, we children were scared and ran away as quickly as possible.

Then the situation developed, people were incited to be more and more excited and exuberant, the situation is more and more “lively”. Mao Zedong’s quote: “Who are our enemies and who are our friends? This question is the primary question of the revolution.” “There are a thousand Marxist truths, but in the final analysis there is a single phrase: the rebellion is justified.” The “Red Book” and the “Quotations Song” of Mao’s quotations became popular throughout China. The words “rebellion”, “red” and “revolution” were very fashionable, and there was even a popular song with “national curses” The “Cultural Revolution Song”, “Who doesn’t want a revolution, get the hell out”, was even popular.

In the name of “revolution” and under the banner of “rebellion”, the “Red Guards” formed by students from universities and high schools all over the country and various “rebel groups” in the society The “Red Guards” and various “rebel groups” in the society all over the country were set up, and everywhere there were different places for cohorts and propaganda, and everywhere there was the breaking of the “Four Olds” (old ideas, old morals, old customs, and old habits), the smashing of “feudalism, capitalism, and revisionism”, and the criticism of the “Black Five”. The most popular “leader’s quotation” at that time was: “The revolution is not a revolution, it is a revolution. The most popular “leader quotes” at that time were: “Revolution is not a dinner invitation …… revolution is a riot …… is a violent action”, and even the slogan “Long live the Red Terror”. Long live the Red Terror” was the slogan. The name is “Cultural Revolution”, but it is a thoroughly violent and bloody “Wuhua Revolution”.

Faced with all the changes of the revolutionary rebellion, I felt fresh, fun and a little excited, there was hilarity everywhere every day, I could not go to class, not read, not do homework, because all kinds of schools in the country have been suspended and revolutionary chaos, especially the ignorant primary and secondary school students without restraint, and there are leaders to support the revolutionary rebellion, for smashing and robbing and killing, the results and terror can be imagined. It was later revealed that the violence and terror of the Red Guards in Beijing during “Red August” was a shock to the world. In less than a month, the Red Guards of Beijing high school students brutally killed the principal, teachers and “Black Five” more than a thousand people alive.

Under the demonstration of the “August Revolution” in Beijing, the “Four Olds” were broken everywhere in the country, smashing and burning “feudalism, capitalism, and revisionism”, and smashing and robbing and burning and fighting became the most fashionable “The school uncovered and criticized the “17 years of feudalism, capitalism and revisionism reactionary education line”, and criticized the principal and teachers, and even the classrooms, tables, chairs and glass windows were smashed to a thousand holes. -My school, Xuedangchong Elementary School (which was changed to “Xiangyang Elementary School” when the Cultural Revolution changed its name to “Red” and “Revolutionary”), was smashed everywhere. The school library, which was my favorite place to go, was among them, and the books were either burned or stolen by the students, for which I was very heartbroken, while the principal and teachers were labeled as “bourgeois intellectuals” and “feudal intellectuals”. The teachers and principals were labeled as “bourgeois intellectuals,” “feudalists,” and “stinking niners” and were criticized and fought.

I was afraid of being scolded by my parents, but I insisted on attending classes, because my parents strictly taught us to insist on attending classes even if we were sitting there, never to leave the classroom to make a “revolution”, but with a few timid students who often sat in the classroom, I was “in Cao’s camp and in Han’s heart But like several cowardly students who often sat in the classroom, I was “in the camp of Cao and in the camp of Han. The teacher himself is difficult to protect, but also just helpless to cope with the post, a few dozen children in the classroom “class”, and from time to time there are outdoor students from the podium in front of the hole inside and outside screaming “down with Zhang Mao dog” (because our class teacher surnamed Zhang).

Soon after, a Northern High School Red Guards came to our school to develop a reserve of Red Guards – “Red Little Soldiers”, still remember its name as “Maoist Red Guards Fourth Field Army Red Little Soldiers “The “Four Wilderness” was the name of Lin Biao’s unit that fought in the north and south to liberate half of China with great success), I learned this news, I and my classmates were very excited to immediately go to the school window on tiptoe to shout registration, a Red Guard brother signed me up, said a week will have red armbands issued, I was really excited. I was so excited about the idea of wearing the red little soldier armband, I didn’t sleep that night and looked forward to wearing the red armband every day. The result was nearly a month of hope but no news, and then I heard people say that the “Four Fields” Red Guards is what “royalists”, by the rebellion smashed and driven away, I was so disappointed and sad.

But, don’t look at us, we are not yet in the “Red Little Soldiers”, the real revolution is not afraid of the earth – dare to rebel against the “Children of Heaven” Red Guards, and also posted their small-character posters! What? The water company next to my home had a Red Guard from Beijing, we had admiringly “visited” and played with them, but a few days in the morning and evening to see these brothers and sisters with the canteen free supply of steamed buns in the road to fight and play, deeply educated in the revolutionary tradition of how we do not believe that this is the ” The most revolutionary” Red Guards’ behavior. So we wrote a small poster in crooked characters: “Brothers and sisters of the Red Guards: Chairman Mao taught us that ‘corruption and waste are great crimes’, so please stop using steamed buns to fight and play on the road”. At night when they all went out to “revolution”, we put it on the door of their residence, and as a result, the “steamed bun battle” never happened again until they left.

At that time, I was indeed very red and revolutionary, very much like the adults and Red Guards brothers and sisters actively involved in the Cultural Revolution, but we “revolutionary” really some childish and ridiculous. One time I was playing in a park with my brother and a few friends, and I saw a row of decorative partitions like swastikas on the photo gallery building near the Wangjiang Pavilion in the park (when I grew up, I learned that they were actually traditional Chinese symbols of the Hail Mary). A few of us “red little soldiers” decided to also “break the four old smash the feudal capital repair”, with stones to smash. Because it was a reinforced concrete object could not be smashed off, we had no choice but to use a pen to write a few words on the door in big letters, “ordered” (the most popular language at the time) the park authorities to remove this sign. Shortly thereafter we went to play again to see if it was removed, but found that next to our large print was approved two words “fart”, so we went to the park authorities. I wonder what leading authorities there were at that time, in the national “revolution” of “knocking down the capitalists” and “kicking out the party committee to start a revolution”, were smashed and criticized, we The “revolutionary rebellion” action of “breaking the Four Olds” ended.

After breaking the “Four Olds” and criticizing the black five categories, the movement developed into a large-scale seizure of “capitalists” and “bourgeois intellectuals” and “reactionary experts and scholars “The violent “revolution” became more intense, and the struggle between the two factions intensified. The largest mass organizations in the province and city included the “Xiangjiang Wind and Thunder” and the “High Department”, and the “Red Power Defense Army” (referred to as the “Red Power Defense Army”). Red Power Defense Army” (Red Protection Army for short), all claiming to be “revolutionary rebels” who vowed to defend Chairman Mao to the death, because most of the members of the former are bold and outspoken or have been oppressed, while most of the latter are honest and rule-abiding. The latter are mostly people who follow the Party and leaders. Because of the different views, especially on the issue of “who is a capitalist” and “who should be defeated and who should be protected”, serious differences emerged, first from verbal debates to fisticuffs, and then to the death of me and my life. Local officials supported the latter, while the Central Cultural Revolution first supported the latter to suppress the former.

Early in the morning of February 5, 1967, there was a sudden rumble of airplanes in the sky, we children love to see airplanes, all excited to run out of the house, saw one hovering in the low altitude of only a few floors high, only to see the window there are two yellow uniformed hands in the continuous downward scattering of leaflets, scattered all over the city, pick up a look, it turned out to be the central government on the Hunan Cultural Revolution “2.4 instructions It turned out to be the “2.4 instruction” from the central government about Hunan Cultural Revolution: “Xiangjiang Fenglei” was called a “reactionary organization”, and all the leaders of all sizes should be arrested. As a result, there were arrests everywhere that morning, and I heard that several hundred people were arrested in the city.

My father was almost arrested too. My father was the head of the company’s business cadres, because of the fairness and integrity of the red, has always been uncomfortable with bureaucratic improprieties, often love to express some opinions and suggestions, the beginning of the Cultural Revolution will be leftist views, sympathetic to the left, is the earliest “red appearance cadres”, in sending cars to send people to send things and so on to give the leftists a lot of support, although not join the organization, but is known as Although he did not join the organization, he was known as the “advisor” of the company Xiangjiang Wind and Thunder. That day my family was breakfast, a group of “red protection army” fierce gas rushed into my house to take my father to the military division, we were terrified, but my father said nothing will be back later and did not plead to get up and go, my mother asked the group to eat before leaving okay? They were not allowed to forcefully push away. The result of the matter is really as my father said, more than two hours later he returned, because there is no evidence to prove that it joined the organization where to “adviser” a position, at most, just a point of view sympathy. (At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, my father was less shocked, but later he was branded as a “capitalist who had not touched his soul” and was criticized, and then he was sent to the labor camp for more than a year.

At that time, politics was as ridiculous as child’s play. Three or four months later, the Central Cultural Revolution issued a document calling the “Xiangjiang Wind and Thunder” a revolutionary rebel group and gave it high support, while the “Red Protection Army” was called “conservative and royalist” and was disbanded. The result was the grand triumphal release of the arrested and imprisoned rebels, who finally gained great momentum in the whole province.

The seizure of “capitalists” made the violent “revolution” even more intense. There were frequent meetings of 10,000 people in the Cultural Palace stadium, and almost every day there were criticism meetings and parades in the schools, units, neighborhoods and streets. The paper plates around the necks of those being criticized were replaced with iron and steel plates weighing tens of pounds, while the ropes used to hang the plates were replaced with thin steel wires, which entered the flesh, and the criminal laws and scales of beating and rectifying people were more and more cruel, and the suffering of the “revolutionary” subjects was unbearable. At this time, although I was always timid, I was used to being a spectator, and even screamed in my heart that it was good to have some of the same ideas as the rebels and the “revolutionary masses”, because the Great Leader had taught us that “mercy to the enemy is cruelty to the people”.

The most shocking, frightening, and sad thing about the violence and bloodshed I witnessed during the Cultural Revolution was that the targets of the “revolutionary” violence were my teachers, people I knew around me, neighbors and elders, and children my size and younger!

My elementary school had many fights against the principal, vice principal, head teacher and other school “capitalists”. Sometimes it was a fight against the head of the city school board, and the above-mentioned “capitalists” from my school accompanied the fight; sometimes it was a special school fight against them. Under the escort of the rebel teachers and senior rebel students (there was no “labor propaganda team” at that time, but later it was all led by them), those who were criticized were always tortured by “jet”, kneeling with their heads bowed and receiving criticism, while the critic punched, kicked, slapped, tore their ears, and pulled their hair. Hair-pulling was the norm. Under the slogans of righteous indignation, it was not uncommon to see bold and “brave” students crowding the stage to inflict group violence, and on one occasion, the principal’s head was stoned and bloodied, the vice principal’s ears were pulled out, and the head teacher’s hair was torn off.

What was outrageous: the criticism and beating of Mr. Huang, an art teacher whom I respected and liked very much. Ms. Huang was my first and second grade art teacher, she is generous and beautiful, kind and kind, good class, students like to listen to her class, I have always loved art and had the ideal of being a painter, and Ms. Huang’s enlightenment inseparable. I still remember the plot of the Cinderella story and can still feel the sadness and emotion when listening to the story. I still remember the story of Cinderella, and I can still feel the sadness and emotion when listening to the story, which I got from Ms. Huang’s serial narration in class. Who knew that such a good teacher, who was respected and loved, was brutally beaten because her family was a landlord and later “found out” that she was a so-called “landlady” and an “active counter-revolutionary”? She was brutally criticized and beaten.

At the criticism meetings, Ms. Huang was always tied up with her hands and hung with double black tags, forced to kneel and confess her guilt by her hair, and often beaten violently and slandered by the rebellious teachers and students. Whenever I saw Mr. Huang’s painful and aggrieved appearance, my heart seemed to tremble and cry and bleed. I could not believe that Mr. Huang, who was such a kind and friendly person, was a hated “landlady” and “counter-revolutionary”.

My family is very close to the next door neighbor uncle is my father’s company engineer, the couple are Sichuanese, the mother is the company kindergarten teacher, the daughter is our best playmate, the couple know the books and kind and kind, also do not care not involved in politics, and the world is not contentious. I did not know that when I was in college, I had participated in the “Youth League” or the backbone, and the family had a radio that would have listened to enemy stations, and was arrested overnight, followed by the violent criticism of the General Assembly and small meetings, and once the criticism will be opened to the living area, watching such a close and kind neighbors elders to be beaten, I really sad, do not I can’t understand, and I can’t understand, the pain in my heart is indescribable.

What made me feel especially bad was my classmate Zhu’s “little counter-revolutionary” sister who was just in the second grade. Maybe it was the time when there were too many slogans of “Long Live” and “Down with ……”, the little sister was too young to understand and her mouth was not good enough to shout a mixed mouth, shouting out The slogan “Down with Chairman Mao” was shouted, and this was not good enough? Of course, she became a “little counter-revolutionary”, and was the first major “counter-revolutionary incident” in the school, and also inevitably became a “new trend of class struggle” in the school and its home. It was also the first major “counter-revolutionary incident” in the school, and it inevitably became the “new trend of class struggle” in the school and at home. The result was predictable: a “small counterrevolutionary” sign was put up, the class was criticized, the whole school assembly was criticized, and then each class was criticized in turn for nearly a month.

For the “most revolutionary”, “bravest” and “most righteous” students, every criticism will be violent: punishments of kneeling, kicks, slapping, ear-pulling and hair-pulling are considered gentle. If the teacher was not there to stop the vicious violence, the result would have been even worse. After the criticism, she was punished to stand in front of the school every morning and bow her head to the large statue of Chairman Mao, accepting the “criticism” of the students’ blank eyes, spit, swear words or small stones, and she suffered this crime for about a few months. Every time I looked at her, who was already short and skinny like a kindergarten child and now even smaller and weaker, standing in the wind and rain, I pitied her and wanted to cry.

In 1967, the whole country began to storm the army to steal weapons from the troops. One night, because of the young fun and naughty bold, and my classmates in the same grade and three or two about the same size playmates (11, 12 years old) sneak into the military sub-district warehouse to steal guns, has been occupied by the armed forces of the rebels found a good beatings, the whole body is wounded not to say that the legs are lame. The next day, they tied the children up and took them to the school to hold a school-wide meeting to criticize them, shouting and screaming. On the stage, the rebels punched and kicked and knocked with rifle butts or grenades, and the “bravest revolutionary” and “most righteous” students also went up to the stage and beat them with small fists and feet or stones, and the stage was bloody… …

Another time, my neighboring building, a few children of my size or even younger, led by two bold and mischievous junior high school brother instigated, but jokingly and badly as a rebel organization in the name of a rebellion, to do something to damage the reputation of its organization (it seems to be to go to the bank to threaten to ask for money). After being caught, the rebel group was armed with a bunch of people who drove the children in a car and came in front of the building where the children lived in the living area to conduct a violent on-site “public trial and criticism”, while the children’s parents were called out to watch the fight. The children were forced to kneel in a row, and the rebels used fists and feet to beat them with belts and grenades to knock their heads with rifle butts, and the children’s parents and onlookers dared not make a sound but secretly wiped their tears. The result was a bloodied and crying crowd, the sound of which was miserable to the extreme, and the state of which was horrific ……

One evening, outside my neighboring house suddenly sounded a thunderous shouting and shouting. When I heard the sound, I saw a black crowd of at least two to three hundred people, and they were furiously surrounding a young, thin, weak woman (the wife of a secretary of my father’s company) who had been shaved with a “yin and yang” head and was standing on a high table to criticize and beat her in a public trial, the charge being that “the rotten wife of a capitalist lapdog had abused her mother-in-law to death. “(This is pure speculation, and was not subsequently convicted.) At that time, this was also the most provocative public outrage.

At the fight, everyone hated it to the bone, the “worship and pursuit” of violence and bloodshed that was commonplace at the time, beating people up and playing with them, pinning their own pleasure on the pain of others seemed to be a fashionable and fun thing to do. In a shouting and shouting to kill the roar, both men and women, young and old are fighting, take the stick, pick up the stone, with the shoe, tearing the mouth, pulling the head, plucking the plucking clothes, all the use, want to sleep its flesh eat its skin, the results are predictable miserable bloody.

If not for a few rebellious identity, but also some good fear of a real human life to stop and take it away, I think the weak woman will be absolutely on the spot or may even be dirty its body or five horses. Because, the mob and violence and its results, in history in the modern group political movement, especially the “Cultural Revolution”, there are countless.


The factional fighting between the revolutionary “rebel faction” and the revolutionary “royalist faction” has intensified over the issues of who is a capitalist, who to protect and who to oppose, and who is the real revolutionary rebel faction. After destroying Liu Deng’s bourgeois “Black Command”, burning the capitalists, kicking out the party committee and government, smashing the public prosecutor and the judiciary, and eliminating all “feudal capitalist and revisionist” institutions, anarchism rampant in the power gap, followed by the change of dynasties to The struggle to seize power from the “capitalists” began.

Under the demonstration of the “Red January Storm” by Wang Hongwen, a highly praised Shanghai rebel, the struggle for power between the “rebels” and the “conservatives” and within the rebels became even more intense. The Cultural Revolution finally developed into the most chaotic and terrible period of armed struggle, with more violence and more bloodshed. The two factions, both claiming to “defend Chairman Mao and the Red Command to the death”, first developed from street debates to fisticuffs, then to bricks, iron bars and steel braziers, and then to guns without bolts and firing pins and bullets, to the final development of real guns and real artillery to meet each other, and you die and I live.

Since the Wuhan “7.20 incident” in 1967, the great leader was “conservative” – “million heroes After the “7.20 incident” in Wuhan in 1967, the great leader was frightened by the “conservatives” – “one million heroes”, the whole country “knocked down Chen Da Zi” (Wuhan military commander Chen Zaidao), set off “seize a handful of people in the army”, “knocked down Liu Deng Tao with a gun “, the Central Cultural Revolution called for armed rebels to “attack the military”, the army to support the left and secretly send guns armed rebels, the rebels to grab guns to fight back and curse back, so the two factions to grab the guns of the troops became fashionable, so the real knife real gun real gun national civil war kicked off ……

The streets were filled with people carrying guns, and the roads were often flown by armed vehicles screaming with trombones or whistles, and there were no military factories producing tanks and artillery, so the cars were converted into “armored tank cars” with steel plates around them, and they rumbled the markets. The city’s parks have also become a live-fire target range in the square, leading to more than a year we dare not go to the park almost every day before to play. In that year, there was gunfire, violence, bloodshed, massacres and sacrifices every day, and there were often memorial services for the “revolutionary martyrs” and “capitalists” and “counter-revolutionaries”. There were often memorial services for the “revolutionary martyrs” and “mourning” for the “capitalists” and “counter-revolutionaries”.

At that time, to determine whether a person or organization was revolutionary or counter-revolutionary, whether it should be “burned, fried, smashed, suppressed, or destroyed”, everything depended on the “supreme instructions” of the “Red Commander”, and the “Red Command”. The instructions of the Central Cultural Revolution Group of the “Red Command” depended on the attitude of loyalty to Mao and the Party Central Committee. A certain organization was beaten down or killed because it was anti-Mao and anti-Party, so it was sent to the eighteenth level of hell; a certain organization became popular because it was the most loyal to Mao and the most revolutionary.

Mao’s “supreme instructions” and “red book” have all the characteristics, so it has become a weapon for people or organizations to fight persecution of each other and protect their own shield, what need to read what Mao quotations. If you want to fight people and harm them, you can read “The day the people are happy is the day the counter-revolutionaries suffer”; if you want to use force, you can read “Revolution is not a dinner invitation”; if you can’t beat the other side, you can shout “Let’s fight in literature, not in arms! “. When their own people became “martyrs” because of martial arts, they cried “if you want to fight, there will be sacrifices”. When the capitalist opponents were killed or “exterminated from the people” or eliminated by force, they laughed at “working for the fascists and dying for those who exploit and oppress the people is lighter than a feather”… … and so on, the “quotations” have become the only clay that can be used by others, and also seem to become a joke and child’s play.

The violence and bloodshed I witnessed was so much that I was used to it, and sometimes I was brave enough to go with my buddies to watch the action, to grab the hot shells that fell when the guns were sacrificed to the sky. During the madness of the military struggle, I did not go out to the streets or play, but looking at the Red Guards and rebels who wore green uniforms with red armbands and played with guns, I was envious, thinking that if I had been born earlier, I would have to wear uniforms with guns and fight with the bourgeoisie and royalists, and that my head could be cut off and blood could flow, and I would defend the great “Red Commander” to the death, and defend the “Red Command”. The “Red Command”, so that the red mountains will never change color.

In 1967-68, there were many martyrs’ graves in Hunan, such as the existing one in Shapingba, Chongqing, and the hill of Yijiawan on Highway 107 from Changsha to Xiangtan was lined with graves, all of which were from the famous “Yijiawan War”, which even used cannons and tanks and lasted for days. “The “martyrs” who died in the armed struggle. At that time, the rebel faction was in power in Chang and Zhu (the famous Zhuzhou Trinity Factory, now the Southern Aviation Power Company, was originally a “conservative” world, when the city into the factory area there was an easy to defend the mountain pass, I heard that a female military worker was a woman who was a sharpshooter, so a long time to attack, after many battles and negotiations before being peacefully (The “liberation”) jointly attacked the conservatives in power Xiangtan gateway town Yijiawan, want to “liberate” Xiangtan (Xiangtan to Loudi are the world of the conservatives). But because of Xiangtan military factories with many weapons and tanks and other heavy weapons, coupled with the old military workers and retired soldiers, Xiangtan had another bridge on the Xiangjiang River for the barrier and artillery tanks (Changsha Orange Island Bridge was completed a year later), so the joint attack of Chang Zhu was not successful.

Later, under the deployment of “the mountains and rivers of the motherland are red”, the central government sent the left-supporting (rebel) army to control Hunan, the 47th army led by Major General Li Yuan, Xiangtan was peacefully “liberated”, and the army also drove into Dao County in southwest Hunan with artillery to quell the world’s shocking After that, all of Hunan was “liberated” – “revolutionary committees” were established at all levels under military control with the “rebel leftists” in power. “In 1969, the “Ninth Congress” of the Communist Party of China was held, the nationwide large-scale armed struggle ended, the political situation slowed down, and all the “martyrs’ graves” built during the Cultural Revolution were moved and destroyed. All the graves built during the Cultural Revolution were moved and destroyed.

There was also a “martyr’s tomb” in front of the city’s third middle school – a young teacher and rebel hero, Meng Mou, was “heroically killed” in the “Yijiawan War “of. I remember when the city often held a grand memorial meeting of 10,000 people in the city’s sports square and even a demonstration to carry the bodies of the “martyrs” who died in the “Great War of Yijiawan” and other battles, we elementary school students were often attended, the municipal party secretary, the mayor of the military division commander, etc. Dozens of “capitalists” were always kneeling in mourning, and there were deafening gun bursts fired in the sky instead of firecrackers.

Every memorial service, what made us kids happy was that, braving the deafening gunfire, we could pick up a lot of shells that were still hot under the sacrificial guns, when the “shell king” and “gambling king” – At that time, we played the most games is to throw smashed shells slug, who threw the who’s will belong to who, shells slug win more, go to the scrapyard to sell in exchange for money to buy snacks to eat.

Most of the bullets are dug from the earthen wall under the podium of the sports square and the wall of the park, while the shells are mostly found in the grass, when these places are where the adults practice their marksmanship. One day I went out of my house and picked up a stray bullet that had been smashed into the concrete, and it was a large and heavy lead-hearted tommy, and I didn’t know what kind of tragedy it would be if someone passed by when it fell, and I was so happy to hear that it was a blooming bullet: it was worth four or five other bullets.

Perhaps Meng’s rebellion was particularly famous, and he died a particularly heroic death in battle. After the memorial service, his body was stored in a “crystal coffin” with a lapel cap and micro uniform, a pistol, and a Mao quotation, and was available for viewing at the Cultural Palace Theater, where we children were also organized to visit. Half a month later, because the medicine does not work, the remains of the body blistered and swollen, which is detrimental to the “hero image”, and was buried in front of the three middle school hill. When the burial, we children went to the Cultural Palace to watch the hustle and bustle to pick up shells to play, “capitalists” and was draped in mourning kneeling on the ground, deafening gun bursts towards the sky, “hero” hearse in mourning kneeling on the roof of the “capitalists The “hero” hearse in mourning kneeling on the roof of the “capitalists” a special car “congratulate” under the “in the ground as peace”. Did not know that not a year later and upset – was dug up and moved away, the tomb was destroyed.

My class also has two such “martyr” children. Wang’s father was also killed in the “Great War of Yijiawan”; Wang’s father was on a business trip to the Shaoyang construction site, the car was ambushed by the conservatives on the roadside hills “red fury” a burst of gunfire, his father saw out of the car shaking hands and shouting: “Do not shoot, we are engineering. “Don’t shoot, we are the construction truck to the site”, before the words fell, his body was shot five tragic death. (At that time Xiangtan Xiangxiang to long, Zhu people say is a ghost gate, and vice versa. My father, who was the deputy commander of the project, often went to the site, and once took my brother with him, and when he entered Xiangtan at night on the way back, his car was detained by the “Red Fury” “inspection”, and he walked all night and half a day before returning home. (And one of the people in the same car was arrested immediately for searching for rebel documents, and his whereabouts are unknown.

The girl’s father and my father is a party and political partner, the relationship is very close, I have been called its Uncle Wang, a few days before his death also came to my home to sit. I didn’t know that such a car captain, who didn’t die in the Korean War, died in the Cultural Revolution! After his death, he was posthumously recognized as a “revolutionary martyr” and was buried with great pomp and circumstance, and a tall monument was erected, but after 1969, his tomb was moved and destroyed. (After the reform and opening up, my classmate, along with his mother, who had been in pain for ten years, said goodbye to the sad place and the family went to relatives to immigrate to the U.S. Empire.)

At that time, I heard that the two sides killed many “prisoners of war”, memorial services or the burial of “martyrs” often have “prisoners of war” live sacrifice. I remember when the street propaganda board also reported a rebel “heroine”, “Yijiawan war” in the capture of severe torture, the ferocious “enemy” actually group raped her and then brutally killed. There was also a “martyr” who was captured and then brutally skinned and torn by an extremely cruel female Red Guard demon on the enemy side …… There were so many tragic events in the armed struggle that we were horrified and hated the “enemy” to death. We hate the “enemy” to death.


I have personally witnessed a big gun battle in the city, known as the “12.18 war”, which started as a result of a dispute between two children in my elementary school. It was around the end of 1967, after the Central Government’s “95 Order” handed over the guns (still privately hidden) and called for the revolutionary unity of the rebels, the gun battle was basically over, and no more gunfire could be heard or seen. However, the internal division of the rebels began to split into two factions: the officially recognized “Provincial Federation of Workers” (Hunan Working Class United Rebel Committee) and the officially unrecognized “Provincial No Federation” (Hunan Proletarian Revolutionary Rebel Committee), and the Central Cultural Revolution also supported the former. (Yang Xiaokai, a famous Chinese economist who died in Australia in 2004, was originally named Yang Xieguang and came from a family of red cadres. For his famous article “Where is China going? (recognized as a reactionary program of “No Union”, he was named and criticized by the Central Cultural Revolution and sentenced to 20 years, but after his release from prison, he went on to study abroad and became a famous scholar). At that time, it was the time when the two factions were disagreeing and fighting.

The war started because: that day, after lunch, in my school campus, two about three or four grade boys argued and fought about something, which led everyone to look around, and I was among them. I was among them. One of them, who hadn’t fought before, cried and pointed at him, saying, “Wait, I’ll call my brother to teach you a lesson!” After saying that, he ran away. It turned out that he ran to the “No Union” headquarters in the Cultural Palace not far from the school, because his brother was running a “revolutionary rebellion” in the public (“No Union” in many of them is (Many of the “No Union” members were young workers who had the courage to fight and kill in a radical rebellion). Not long after, his brother came in anger, and brought some equally angry brothers from the “No Union” faction of the “Green Front (Young Workers’ Revolutionary Rebellion Vanguard)”, and waited for a while without seeing the child. After a while, the boy and his brother from the “Jinggang Mountain Red Guards” faction of the “Workers’ Union” who attended the railroad machine school came, also bringing a couple of Manchus. There was a group fight on campus, with fists and kicks and bricks, and the fight was bloody.

As a result, the “Jinggang Mountain” brothers of the “Federation of Trade Unions” did not beat them and had to flee in fear to get help, while the “Green Front” of the “No Union” side “brothers triumphantly Yang Chang back to the command to do to prepare for the enemy, many of our students also rushed to the Cultural Palace to see the fun. I saw many of the “Green Front” brothers take sticks and move bricks and stones to the building, and stand ready, but also from the park gate to the building with lime painted between the three cordons.

About two or three o’clock in the afternoon, the “Federation of Trade Unions” of the “Jinggang Mountain” came many people with sticks to the park gate, a look at the painted cordon was angry and did not dare to enter, because the opposite building of the tannoy constantly shouting: “more than The warning line was painted and they were too angry to enter because the loud speaker on the opposite side of the building kept shouting: “You deserve to die if you exceed the warning line! And Mao’s supreme instruction: “If people do not offend me, I will not offend them; if they offend me, I will offend them. The “Jinggangshan” of the “Federation of Trade Unions” had to set up a position at the entrance of the park and sent back to prepare loud speakers, steel helmets and “weapons” and “ammunition “At the same time, more people were sent to surround the building like a barrel from the outside.

Both sides confronted each other by force, yelling at each other over loudspeakers, and shouting “top instructions” as each side took what it wanted. The “FTU” side tried to break through the cordon several times, wearing steel helmets or rushing with their heads on tables to avoid the bricks and stones thrown by the other side, and succeeded in breaking through and occupying two lines of defense of the other side, and also rushed through the last line of defense several times to enter the building, but were beaten out with their heads broken and bloodied. In this way, the two sides forcefully reined in until dark, and we children also went home to eat, ready to come back to watch the battle after dinner.

After dark, water and electricity were cut off to the “No Union” building because of the official support of the “FTU” side, with the intention of forcing it to surrender and attacking it several times in the dark. The “No Union” side was forced to struggle to the death – they took out the guns they had hidden and fired! Hearing the gunshot, we children and people watching the battle all scattered like birds and beasts. “The “FTU” side, with its official and military background, of course, could easily get many guns and gunmen, and a large-scale gun battle between the two sides officially began. The outer wall of the building was smashed to pieces. Interestingly, the front of the building received less fire, why? Because there was a huge statue of Mao who dared to hit it? “No Union” will be used as a gun shield, always hiding behind the statue to discharge guns.

Gunfire like frying beans rang out all night, both sides have casualties. The battle ended early in the morning, predictably, with the surrender of “No Union”, the victory of “FTU”, and another great victory of Chairman Mao’s revolutionary line and the Cultural Revolution. The “reactionary organization”, the “No Union”, and especially the “counter-revolutionaries” in the building who resisted yesterday, were They were beaten to death after surrendering to the eighteenth level of hell, and were later imprisoned and killed. Thanks to the Party’s lenient policy of “educating children well”, three of the elementary school students in my class were finally released after being trapped in the building with their “unaffiliated” brothers for one night. They were finally released.

In the early morning, the officials and the FTU called on the city’s “revolutionary masses” to enter the building to see the “great victory” and the “counter-revolutionary fortress”. “As a small “revolutionary mass”, I was among the visitors.