The most regrettable thing in life

Regret, which is inevitable, similar and does not work. conducted such a questionnaire survey for people over 60 years old nationwide: What do you regret most? Ten items that people tend to regret in their lives were listed for respondents to choose from. After the valid questionnaires were tallied, this statistical result was obtained.

No. 1: 75% of people regret that they did not work hard enough when they were young, resulting in nothing.

A 40-year-old man was told by his physician that he was terminally ill and had three years to live at most. So he drew up a work plan of ten things to do in three years in order to make his last life more meaningful. These included writing a book, learning a foreign language, making an invention, running a factory, visiting 30 famous mountains, seeing 50 cities and so on, and immediately put the plan into action after it was made. After two years and eight months, all 10 goals were accomplished. But when he went to the hospital for a follow-up, he found that the doctor had taken the wrong medical records and he was not sick at all.

As the saying goes, if you don’t work hard in your youth, you’ll be sad in your old age, and the good times of youth always pass so quickly. And in the youthful years, and often encounter so many temptations and even traps, when you suddenly wake up, perhaps the hair early, only to find that they have nothing to achieve.

Most people follow a subservient attitude to life, others study he also study, others work he also work, others entertainment he also entertainment, naturally, what others get, he can not get more. To get what others can not get, you need to pay the price that others are not willing to pay, especially when you are young. So, while you still have time, energy and physical strength to work hard, quickly develop a realistic plan, and then start indefatigably to follow this plan step by step to advance, you will eventually achieve success.

Second place: 70% of people regret choosing the wrong career when they were young.

Three college students were assigned to work in an institution at the same time, a year later, one of them was not willing to look at the face of the supervisor all day long and jumped ship to another company, the other two did not move, and still live peacefully from 9 to 5 days. Another year later, another student decided to resign and go to sea, the remaining one still did not move, watching his two classmates in the factory and the business world, he was even pleased with his own stable life.

Some years later, three people met, to the business of the classmate has become a factory director, the one who went to the sea became a multi-millionaire, while the one who remained in the authorities are still in the leadership of the sound of reprimand to kill their few remaining “good times.

Many people consider the first factor in choosing a career is a stable income and a stable and comfortable life, and are not too willing to face those challenging opportunities. Without pressure, there is a natural lack of motivation, no motivation, but also buried potential. Li Zongsheng’s “Song of the Nobleman” has some classic lyrics: “Born as a mortal, why two heavens; some have to be busy making a living, some race the immortals. There is a cause before there is an effect, all in one thought; there is nothing difficult about being rich, as long as you are willing to climb.”. The difference between the rich and the poor is first of all a matter of perception. The difference between rich and poor, first of all, is the difference in perception, the difference between a thought, the difference in life.

The third place: 62% of people regret that they did not educate their children properly.

Children are the continuation of their lives, the continuation of hope, many people can give everything for their children, and endure all the pain and aggravation. But the hope that their children will become dragons and phoenixes may only be the unilateral good wishes of parents, for their children, they may just want to be a simple and happy mundane children. So, many parents take the compulsory, supervision and even stick to force their children to develop according to their own design line. But in the end, most parents have to face the reality of disappointment, only a very few so-called “successful” exception, but they are also lamenting that their children have been too hard over the years, not enjoying the joy and sunshine of childhood, teenagers should be.

Fourth place: 57% of people regret not cherishing their partners.

The first time you get drunk, you know how strong the wine is, and the second time you love, you know how important it is. In terms of emotions, it is always the case that you do not know how to cherish them when you have them, and only after losing them do you know how precious they are. The two medicines that mankind can never invent: one is forgetfulness and the other is regret medicine. When you are young not to cherish, understanding and understanding, when you get older, regret is too late.

Fifth place: 49% of people regret not treating their bodies well.

The phrase “the body is the capital” will never go out of fashion. Many people use their bodies to trade everything before they turn 60, and everything after they turn 60 for good health. There is nothing in the world that is more important than one’s own health, without a good body, even if there are millions of family assets, how?

Many people envy youth because they can always regret and improve when they are young, while once they enter old age, many things cannot be changed. So, while you are young, you should study hard, be doubly happy, often look back at the road you have traveled, not afraid to make mistakes, but afraid not to change, do not let yourself to the old age of the body and then to sigh everything into a waste of time.