Japan announces another 1 million doses of vaccines for Taiwan, Su thanks in a post on social media site

Japanese Foreign Minister Toshichika Mogi announced on the 25th that he donated the second batch of 100 doses of the new crown pneumonia vaccine to Taiwan. Executive President Su Tseng-chang expressed his gratitude in a post on social media sites, while Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong said that the vaccination rate in Taiwan could be improved. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Ou Jiang’an, Japan’s timely assistance proves the true meaning of “the sky is the limit” and the spirit of sharing difficulties has been deeply rooted in the hearts of both sides.

Central Epidemic Commander and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong expressed his gratitude for Japan’s announcement of another donation of 100 doses of New Crown pneumonia vaccine to Taiwan.

Chen said: Just this morning, the Japanese Foreign Minister announced that he would donate our AZ (AstraZeneca) vaccine, and on behalf of the Command Center, I would like to express our great pleasure and gratitude to the Japanese government for the immediate donation of another 1 million doses of vaccine. This 1 million doses will allow us to administer to a wider range of people, increase our vaccination rate and improve our vaccine protection rate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Ou Jiang’an said that this is the second round of Japanese assistance to Taiwan after the donation of 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Taiwan on June 4, and the Ministry would like to express sincere thanks to the Japanese side on behalf of the Taiwanese government and people.

Ou Jiang’an said: At present, the global epidemic is still severe and there is a shortage of international vaccine supply. In this difficult period, Japan took the lead to lend a helping hand and sent the first wave of timely rain on the 4th of this month, showing Japan’s firm friendship and high regard for our country, which has caused warm reactions in our country. The U.S. and Lithuania followed with vaccine donations to fight the epidemic alongside our country, showing that the road to fight the epidemic may be long, but Taiwan is not alone. Japan’s timely assistance proves the true meaning of “the world is like a neighbor”.

Ou Jiang’an said that Taiwan and Japan have long been mutually supportive and cooperative, and can immediately support each other and help each other when they encounter difficulties, and this spirit of sharing difficulties has been deeply rooted in the hearts of both sides, forming the best example of bilateral friendship.

The Japanese Senate passed a unanimous resolution on the 11th of this month to support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA), followed by Japanese Prime Minister Kan at the G7 Summit on the 13th, where he also expressed support for Taiwan’s participation in the WHA as an observer. This time, Japan donated an additional 1 million doses of vaccines to Taiwan in a practical way, demonstrating the glory of humanity in providing timely relief and confirming the deep friendship between Taiwan and Japan.

Executive President Su Tseng-chang posted on social media sites that he learned the good news that the Japanese government will soon provide Taiwan with another 1 million doses of vaccines! With the vaccines coming to Taiwan on June 4, Japan has provided Taiwan with a total of more than 2.2 million doses of vaccines, which is close to 10% of Taiwan’s population. He would like to sincerely thank Japan, its diplomatic team and its friends in the private sector for their efforts.

Taiwan has recently opened up to the elderly for AZ vaccination, and 183 deaths have been reported in 10 days. The secretary of the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus, Luo Zhi-cheng, called on the public not to panic about the vaccine donated by Japan.

The reason is that the 1 million doses of vaccine that came in is the AZ vaccine, and recently the domestic public has some questions about his safety, and even worries about it. I believe that the fact that AZ is so sought-after internationally, and in fact the most used vaccine in the world at the moment, proves from a certain point of view that governments have a certain amount of confidence in AZ. So I believe that we can make the Japanese people feel our gratitude to him.