A major discovery! New research reveals the cause of gray hair generation “reverse black” method revealed

The poem “As green as snow” describes the process of people’s hair turning from black to white as they grow older, and is a common worry for many people entering middle and old age.

In a new study published in the journal eLife on the 22nd, a team of Columbia University researchers conducted a very delicate study of the hair of 14 volunteers and finally found the key factor behind the growth of gray hair in human bodies, which is stress.

Past studies have shown that human hair growth is like the annual cycle of a tree, each new section of growth out of the part can reflect the life of the body at the moment, the psychological situation, and the Columbia University research team will use the above theory, for the subject’s hair to conduct a detailed study.

The researchers first looked at all the details of the subjects’ hair to find out the part of their hair that grew hour by hour, and then compared the relative values of the subjects’ biological and psychological stress at that time, and finally found that the graying of hair was highly correlated with the stress suffered by the individual.

In addition, the scientists also found that when the subjects relaxed and rested, the graying hair would return to black, which proves that the graying of hair is somehow a reversible phenomenon, and it is possible to make the hair black again by increasing the length of relaxation.

The researchers pointed out that one of the subjects on vacation, the head was recorded during the gray hair in five temporary return to black, and the return to black time and vacation period coincides with the scientists believe that a full head of gray hair for many years, if the 70-year-old man to reduce the stress suffered, may indeed regain black hair.