18 how to do in life

1 eat to spicy, spicy to tears how to do?

Eat spicy to tears food, drink water can not solve the spicy, but will be more spicy. The best way to relieve spicy is to drink milk. Drinking it will ease the spicy feeling.

2 Make tofu unbreakable

Soft tofu is very easy to break during the cooking process. If you want tofu to stay intact, soak it in brine for about 30 minutes before cooking, and the brine-soaked tofu will not break easily after it is put into the pot.

3 What should I do if the soup is too salty?

If you accidentally add too much salt when cooking the soup, the subtle taste of the soup will be destroyed. The remedy at this point is to add potato cubes and cook for a few minutes more. Because the potatoes will absorb the salt, you can fish out the potatoes when you want to serve them.

4 peel taro before soaking vinegar

When peeling taro, your hands will be itchy because of the taro, so soak your hands in vinegar first, so that your hands will not itch.

5 How to remove the wax from the surface of apples?

If you like to eat apples with skin, you need to remove the wax from the surface.

(a) Put the apple in hot water (the highest temperature acceptable to your hand is enough), when the wax of the apple will halo away.

(b) Apply toothpaste to the apples as a cleaner, then rinse well with water and serve.

6 How can I slow down the sprouting of potatoes?

Potato sprouts contain toxic alkaloids that can cause abdominal pain and dizziness when consumed. If you put an apple in the potatoes, you can greatly delay the sprouting time. The ethylene gas produced by the apple has the effect of hindering the potato’s development.

In addition, if you want papaya or kiwi fruit to ripen early, you can also put them together with apples. In addition astringent persimmons and apples put together, a week after the astringent taste disappeared to become sweet persimmons.

7 How to make rice beautiful and fragrant?

After washing the rice, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to make the rice beautiful and fragrant.

Add a few drops of oil to the washed and ready-to-cook rice, and cook it with the rice to make it smell good too!

8Want to keep the cookies crispy?

Put a piece of sugar in the jar when you put the cookies in. Because the sugar will absorb the moisture in the can, so it can keep the cookies crispy and delicious state.

9Can I save my clothes from getting ink on them?

If you accidentally get ink on your clothes or fabric, you can use rice or paste with some detergent and dab it directly on the ink stain with your fingertips repeatedly to remove the ink stain quickly! After the dirt is removed, then soak the clothing in the general detergent for a period of time before washing.

10 shoes stink how to do?

A small amount of baking soda directly into boots, sneakers, or often wear easy to have odor, moisture in the shoes, in the role of baking soda it will absorb moisture and odor, you will soon have a pair of dry shoes.

11 clothes collar, underarm yellow how to do?

Apply shampoo with a brush first, or apply shaving cream and let it sit for four to five minutes before washing, you can wash it smoothly.

12 Flower preservation method

In the vase with flowers, add a little beer can make the flowers stay fresh much longer, because beer contains ethanol, can make the flower cut, disinfection and corrosion, but also contains sugar and other nutrients, to provide nutrients for the branches and leaves.

13 make scissors to restore the sharpness of the method

Using aluminum foil, two or three sheets of aluminum foil stacked together and cut with scissors, the scissors will immediately be surprisingly sharp.

14 Hair dryer easy to remove the label!

Buy gift boxes for people, the price roll label is very difficult to tear off, with the hands will be keyed black and dirty instead of more ugly, if you use a hair dryer to blow hot and then tear, it will be very easy to tear off, not leaving a trace!

15 What else can beer do besides drinking?

Milk wipe foliage plants is very good, in fact, with the rest of the beer to wipe, the effect is better! And not afraid of attracting ants, you can use cotton with beer, lightly wipe the foliage, not only dust, even long years of dirt can be easily removed, leaving the natural luster of the foliage.

16 How to do if the toilet at home is not working?

Pour a tub of ice cubes weighing about one kilogram into the toilet, and then press the water delivery button.

17 Cockroach control method

Cockroaches are feared by everyone, but they multiply especially fast in summer, which is very annoying.

If we take a handful of ninhydrin, dry and wrap it up with discarded stockings and put it in the corner or where the cockroaches often pass, you can drive away the cockroaches.

18 What should I do if there are ants in the room?

Garlic is very effective for ants. Just put a cut garlic in their path, and the ants will be immediately extinct, or cut two pieces of garlic in water, then, take the water to wipe the floor, and the ants will move immediately from then on.