Soldiers armed and on standby for “July 1” Communist Party celebration like a big enemy, visitors describe “unprecedented severity”

Since Sunday (June 20), many dissidents in Beijing have been placed under house arrest or forced to travel, and the area around Tiananmen Square has been filled with soldiers. Local residents say the alert is unprecedented since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

The 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party is less than 10 days away. Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and the surrounding kilometers are filled with military police and plainclothes officers. Residents’ committees were notified to cancel their vacations and participate in this universal security effort. Several videos uploaded to overseas websites by netizens showed dozens of police officers patrolling the intersection of Chongwenmen Street and Chaoyang District with police dogs. In residential neighborhoods, retired elderly men with red armbands on their arms watched residents entering and leaving at the community gates. Local dissidents are again under surveillance.

Beijing dissident Cha Jianguo told the station this Tuesday (22) that he has been put on guard by authorities since last week.

“They are putting me on guard now. When I go to the hospital, they follow me everywhere. There is someone on duty 24 hours a day in front of my house. On June 4, they were on duty for six days from May 31 to June 5. On ‘July 1’ the duty was from June 15 to early July. Now how many people like me in Beijing who are considered ‘unstable’ are being put on duty.”

Another dissident, Ji Feng, told the station that he will be taken on a tour by the state security guards from his hometown in Guizhou on Wednesday (23rd).

“Qi Zhiyong and the others were taken away for a tour on June 15, and Yan Zhengxue was taken away on the 20th. I’m probably leaving tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they (hometown state security) have already informed me.”

One netizen left a message saying he felt nervous when he saw more than two hundred big cars driving into the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, filled with soldiers, who were wearing camouflage uniforms and carrying guns.

Cha said, “This time because of the ‘July 1’ degree of stability maintenance is the most severe in these years unprecedented.”

Cai Xia: the wind is cranky, the grass is always greedy

Cai Xia, a retired professor at the Central Party School, tweeted that the Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its 100th anniversary, making it look like a big disaster, and that the wind is cranky and the grass is full of soldiers. The Chinese Communist Party has guns in hand, money in hand, and high-tech monitors in hand, so it can arrest people when it says so and block their numbers when it says so. What is this fear? Is the celebration of 100 years a happy event or a funeral event?

In response, Mr. Huang, a Beijing-based scholar, said to this station.

“Every time the Chinese Communist Party faces a major celebration, in Beijing, there are military and police officers in full armor and red armbands all over the streets and alleys. Why can’t she do the universal celebration and have fun with the people, but every time she puts up a scene as if she is facing a big enemy and killing?”

Mr. Huang explained that social conflicts are becoming increasingly prevalent in the country, especially with ethnic minorities, dissidents, farmers and forced eviction households.

“The authorities also know that their regime is built on the basis of the pen and the sword, so major celebrations like this are often a time for them to show their muscles to people for the purpose of intimidation.”

On June 20, the Beijing government issued a notice saying it would impose radio controls in some areas on the day of July 1. The use of radio equipment, as well as large non-radio equipment that radiates radio waves, will be prohibited in the controlled areas, except for radio stations approved by the radio management agency and used for related activities.

In addition, private courier companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiaxing, Jinggangshan, Yan’an, Zunyi and Xibaipo have been notified by the authorities to suspend sending parcels to the above-mentioned areas with immediate effect. The official post office to Beijing mail parcels to implement the “second security check”. The governments of Fengtai, Daxing and Fangshan in Beijing will conduct detailed checks on tenants under their jurisdiction and expel foreign visitors.