Daszak, who worked with Jung-Li Shih, was removed from The Lancet

The authoritative British medical journal The Lancet updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Committee on June 22, and Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, who works with Wuhan virus expert Zhengli Shi, was removed from the committee by “recusal.

The Lancet COVID-19 Committee will carefully review the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus prior to its final report, the primary purpose of which is to make recommendations on policies to prevent and control future outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases,” said a statement posted on the Lancet website. The technical work of the committee will be conducted by independent experts who are not themselves directly involved in the U.S.-China research activities under review. Dr. Peter Daszak has recused himself from the committee’s work on investigating the origin of the virus.”

Dr. Peter Daszczak was removed from the UN-backed Lancet Commission of Inquiry after he repeatedly tried to dismiss allegations that the virus may have been leaked from the Wuhan Virus Institute, as quoted by the French website News24 today, 22.

According to multiple media sources, Peter Daszczak allegedly worked with coronavirus expert Zhengli Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, and on Feb. 19, 2020, he joined more than 20 scientists in an article in The Lancet to denounce as a “conspiracy theory” the notion that the coronavirus could have come from a laboratory.

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, Daszak put his name in fourth place in the byline of the “authoritative” article to weaken his status as a stakeholder in all the collaborations with VuVu.

According to the Marseille News website, the Lancet misinformation on the coronavirus was orchestrated by Mr. Daszak, the man behind much of the cover-up, who is also a friend of Dr. Fauci, the White House epidemiology advisor and immunologist, and who serves as president of the EcoHealth Alliance.

Peter Daszczak was also allowed by Beijing to be on the WHO survey mission to Wuhan, China, in March 2021 to investigate the traceability of the virus. The report of that investigation concluded that it was extremely unlikely that the coronavirus Covid-19 came from a laboratory, although the team did not have access to the required scientific records and was not allowed to conduct an in-depth investigation of the Wuhan virus laboratory.

According to the Swiss new media heidi.news in February, British zoologist Peter Daszak was one of ten foreign experts sent to China by the WHO to investigate the origin of the virus, and he was also a member of the Lancet committee working on the same goal.

However, he is also one of the targets of this investigation, a funder, collaborator and co-author of the study at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research. The article quotes Richard H. Ebright, director of the laboratory at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology, as stating in a press release that his view may therefore be biased”. Others believe that if the virus was leaked from that lab, then Daszak’s career is over.

The Marseille News report adds that the cover-up actually began early and continued for many months. And those who were supposed to be working to protect the American people from the pandemic were only concerned with one issue: covering for each other. The report also criticizes The Lancet as the main mouthpiece of “scientists” leading people in the wrong direction, including blaming bat soup and describing hydroxychloroquine and “ivermectin” therapy as junk, among other things.