These are some bizarre events on the eve of the Communist Party celebration

The Communist Party’s centennial celebration is approaching, but strangely the atmosphere is extremely tense, as if something big is about to happen. Not only is the stability maintenance operation intensified, but the CCDI has also brought out the story of Gu Shunzhang, a major Communist Party cadre in the 1930s, as a deterrent.

Beijing has launched stability maintenance operations, and Tiananmen Square and its surroundings are under semi-security, with even the nearby “Chaoyang Aunties” deployed to assist in surveillance. Shanghai, Jiaxing, Jinggangshan, Zunyi, Yan’an, Xibaipo, Beijing, received the latest notice from the Post Office, the above seven cities all stop sending express.

In Beijing, personnel entering and leaving the subway security specifications upgraded, according to the official 18th announcement, mail parcels sent to Beijing to fully implement the second security check, from late May, Beijing city strictly check the daily rental suite, police door-to-door inspection of documents, filtering in Beijing housing personnel. Drones, model airplanes, kites, balloons, and Kongming lanterns are banned in nine districts in Beijing, as are pigeons and other birds in Shenzhen’s Tongzhou district. There is also a notice circulating online from the Beijing Municipal People’s Government that radio control will be implemented in some areas of Beijing on July 1.

These are hardware controls that focus on the people, and some softer ones that seem to specifically target the party, targeting senior party officials.

What’s weird is that on June 19, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article titled “Revisit the classics and sharpen your steps, never betray the Party is not just a vow”, written in a murderous manner, using the story of Gu Shunzhang, the head of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai, who “betrayed the Party” in 1931 to ask The story of Gu Shunzhang is actually followed by the bloody story of how Zhou Enlai assassinated Gu Shunzhang’s family back then, scaring people with this tragic case of intra-party fire-fighting decades ago.

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) tells this story today, decades later, what is the intention? It is not about the fight between the Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party back then, let alone revealing the scandal of the firefight within the Communist Party and how brutal Zhou Enlai was, but all the meaning is in the article: to demand absolute loyalty to the Party from the Communist Party members. According to the “two safeguards” formulated by the CPC Central Committee under Xi Jinping’s leadership, safeguarding the Party means safeguarding the core of the Party headed by Xi Jinping; loyalty to the Party means loyalty to Xi Jinping; never betraying the Party naturally means never betraying Xi Jinping.

The party, in the vast majority of countries in the world, is just an association, a mass organization, in power, called the ruling party, not in power, is a group of people have formed a party only, like-minded, can do together and, disagreement, free to leave. But once you join the party, you can’t just leave, you can only wait to be “expelled” from the party, and leaving on your own is considered an act of treason, a practice that some scholars describe as close to triad organizations. Professor Cai Xia of the former Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China criticized Xi Jinping, saying, “The whole party is revolving around one person, is this still a political party? It’s long since ceased to be a political party, he is a gangster boss.”

The CDC’s wielding of the treason stick is at least a deterrent to party members and cadres. The CCDI article also specifically names this as a request from General Secretary Xi Jinping, as if to say it is more deterrent: “General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly taught Communist Party members assiduously, emphasizing loyalty to the Party and never rebelling against it.” The article asks Party members and cadres to always remember the oath to never betray the Party.

The publication of such a warning by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection naturally caused much debate. Gu Shunzhang was already one of the leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) back then. Some people suspect that something is wrong in Zhongnanhai, while others speculate whether someone at the top of the CPC has really defected, or has the heart of a thief but not the guts. Some ask: who exactly is being scared? Or is it more likely that Xi Jinping himself is living in fear of a coup d’état?

This incident is reminiscent of a few days ago when it was rumored that Dong Jingwei, a senior member of China’s Ministry of State Security, had defected to the United States, Beijing was quick to dispel the rumor that Dong Jingwei, the deputy minister of the Ministry of State Security, who rarely appears in public, had hosted a meeting on June 18, which was called the “Counter-espionage Symposium,” where special emphasis was placed on catching both spies and “traitor” and “behind the scenes”, to catch spies, seems to be aimed at the United States, but the focus of the symposium in the “traitor” and “behind the scenes “The Chinese Communist Party is most afraid of its own people.

Why do rumors spread around and there is no way to distinguish between truth and falsehood? Xia Ming, a professor of political science at the City University of New York, analyzed that this highlights the fact that under Xi Jinping’s high-handed control, everyone in the CCP is at risk and does not feel safe. The scholar told Free Asia: “The biggest problem in China right now actually lies in the fact that there is some kind of split in the Chinese elite …… Xi Jinping and those around him are also insecure, he doesn’t know how many people are wondering about him behind his back, and some people will rat on others in order not to make Xi suspicious of them, and rumors are spread around about this, true or false.”

Who dares to betray the party? Xi Jinping led the Politburo Standing Committee on the 18th, he personally raised his fist to lead everyone to “repeat” the party oath, Xi Jinping read a sentence, from Li Keqiang to Wang Qishan a repeat sentence, the expression is very serious, Xi Jinping’s most serious.” Never betray the party, never betray the party ……”