Communist Party centenary panic what: Beijing and Shanghai express cut off Internet users complain

Extreme tensions and escalating security on the eve of the Communist Party’s centennial celebration. Netizens complained that express deliveries into seven cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, were cut off. Previously, there was news that pigeons were also banned from flying in Beijing.

According to a June 20 tweet by Cai Xia, a former professor at the CCP Central Party School in exile in the U.S., Shanghai, Jiaxing, Jinggangshan, Zunyi, Yan’an, Xibaipo and Beijing received the latest notice from the Postal Administration that all express deliveries from the above seven cities have been stopped.

She also retweeted an account from a Beijing netizen herself. This person said that he “last night ordered the old Henan Dao Kou roast chicken, today was told by the store to refund it, the 100th anniversary can not enter Beijing.

Professor Cai Xia said, “The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its 100th year, making it look like a big disaster. The Chinese Communist Party has guns in hand, money in hand, and high-tech monitors in hand, so it can arrest people when it says so, and block numbers when it says so. What is this fear? Is this celebration of 100 years a happy event or a funeral event?”

Screenshot of tweet by Cai Xia, a former professor at the Communist Party School © Cai Xia @realcaixia

The Chinese Communist Party’s heavy security measures to celebrate its 100th birthday have inconvenienced people’s lives and prompted some complaints.

A netizen named “Harry” said: The Chinese people are the CCP’s worst enemy! In second place is the American Empire, which represents Western democracy and freedom!

Netizen “Xuefu” responded by saying, “After 100 years of doing bad things, how can you not be afraid of retribution?

The name of the “girl selling matches” commented: “I feel the end is near, so I cherish my life, live one more day is one day.

Netizen Huang Bo said, now over Beijing, planes are flying in and out, more horrible than Japanese military planes.

Netizen “Wuyue Sanren” said: I do not have a domestic company to do agricultural products, parents home to eat oil, rice and other things are my company’s monthly express over, mainly their own products more solid. The 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, sent to Beijing this kind of courier can not send.

According to a netizen named “what can not say”: thousands of kilometers away from Beijing, the city, gas stations even “self-service refueling” are stopped, also said to match the party’s centennial, they are truly virtual ah …

A netizen named “bing han” pointed out that the dictators are deeply afraid of their people.

On the eve of the party’s centennial celebration on July 1, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has launched stabilization actions on many fronts, upgrading security checks for people entering and leaving the subway, implementing secondary security checks for mail and parcels sent to Beijing, stepping up inspections of day-rental suites and filtering people living in Beijing, according to a June 20 report on the website of the Wang Daily. Nine districts in Beijing banned the flying of unmanned its, aviation models, kites, balloons, Kongming lanterns, and pigeons and other birds in Shenzhen’s Tongzhou district…