Abuse of the term “conspiracy theory”

Biden six months, many foreign policy follow Trump, in addition to return to the Paris climate agreement and the WHO. Even when he said that Russia was his number one enemy and China was only a competitor, Biden quietly adjusted his position. As for the source of the virus, what Trump said during his presidency was dismissed as a “conspiracy theory,” but now it has been confirmed one by one.

“Conspiracy theories” have been abused by the mainstream media in the West over the past two years because of the hatred directed at one person.

Is expressing skepticism about a theory a sign of belief in a conspiracy theory?

In the case of the political turmoil in the United States over the past year, the Trump administration at one point tried to accuse the Wuhan pneumonia virus of coming from a laboratory, only to have the Democratic Party and the mainstream media dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.

But is expressing reasonable doubt about an allegation, known as skepticism, the equivalent of a conspiracy theory? The modern philosopher Russell said that when a theory is agreed upon by experts, it can still be questioned. Skepticism is a reasonable opposition to prevent a society from becoming dogmatic, as long as it is based on common sense and reason. Conversely, blocking any questioning with the word “conspiracy theory” can lead a society to authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

When the Western left takes control of power and the media, anyone who expresses doubt about the information they distribute is relegated to the status of conspiracy theorist. It is unfortunate for the United States that for one year, a president with a rugged image and a rather arbitrary diplomatic approach to people and not to things, Trump and his economic expert Nayarow, who questioned, were all accused of conspiracy theories.

The Clintons-era Democratic Party, the U.S. Air Force misused old maps to bomb the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese personnel. The U.S. claimed that the Air Force misused old maps, and many Chinese did not believe it, believing it was a deliberate hit and kill. Those who don’t believe it are, of course, conspiracy theorists, the same as the patriotic worker-peasant supporters of the Republican Party who believe Obama is a lizard man.

What constitutes a conspiracy theory and what does not count? America’s mainstream media and East and West Coast intellectuals have demonstrated over the year how they have lost their skeptical reasoning from Descartes to Russell. Although Trump himself, too, is more temperamental than rational – what he has done is to subvert the established order. But since he wants to unite with Russia and even calls Kim a good friend, there is no reason to insist on asking the EU for that little military cost and threatening to withdraw from NATO. Trump sees some big problems, but fails to reconcile what is a priority, i.e., what is an enemy and what is an ally. You don’t just go after your enemies for tariffs on trade deficits, but you also slap your allies for spending too much of your money. Between the two, you can only pick one.

If the United States and the West do not first have big problems themselves, the problems of other countries, simply not a problem. What is the Thucydides trap? Originally a rational civilization for the excellence of Athens, their own not first problem, and why would there be a war with Sparta?