Those who are tainted with the Chinese Communist Party will have a residual disaster

While chatting with people on the emerging social media Clubhouse the other day, the host asked, “Why are all the new friends coming up using animal names?” One friend immediately replied, “We don’t use our real names because we are afraid that the Chinese Communist Party will retaliate against us, and even the avatars we use are all fake. We are worried that we will one day become Li Mingzhe.”

When I heard this, I immediately remembered that Mr. Li Mingzhe of Taiwan is still in the prison of the Chinese Communist Party; and that the Chinese Communist Party has extended its claws outside the fallen areas, kidnapped Hong Kong publishers, kidnapped Gui Minghai across the border, and forced him to give up his Swedish citizenship and become a lamb to be slaughtered by torture; and that there are a series of cases of “hostage diplomacy” by framing, arresting and imprisoning citizens of other countries such as Canada. A series of cases of “hostage diplomacy” come to mind.

Hasn’t the UN Charter of Human Rights, which states that “citizens have the freedom from fear …… and the fundamental human rights guarantee against arbitrary detention”, been completely destroyed by the Communist dictatorship in China? Such a result fully illustrates how the Chinese Communist regime is qualified to continue to represent the Chinese people in the United Nations!

Last Friday, I received a media report from a friend about “more than half of the world’s 10 countries hit hardest by the Chinese Communist virus use Chinese vaccines”. The data comes from an organization called Our World in Data, an online database created by Oxford University in the UK that provides daily infection data per million people. The agency reached these conclusions by analyzing infection data from countries such as Seychelles, Uruguay, Mongolia, Kuwait, and Chile. The report tells us the shocking truth that the people of any country whose government is close to the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party will suffer and be victimized by the results of the statistics on a global scale.

Such a fact must raise the alarm of Western countries that are still trying to get close to the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party and have good relations with it. In the I Ching, which is regarded as the “first of all scriptures” in traditional Chinese culture, there is a saying that “a family that accumulates goodness will be blessed with rewards, while a family that accumulates badness will be blighted with rewards”. In today’s world, it is almost tantamount to aiding and abetting an anti-human regime that persecutes its own people internally and destroys the order of civilization externally, which is a great evil.

The fact that whoever is near the CCP is unlucky shows that the CCP is an ominous thing. If you want your country to be safe and secure, the farther away you are from the CCP, the better. How can a regime that can kill its own people treat other people well?

I hope the world will be alerted to this.