But, none of this can be said

I’m confused and frustrated, so let’s briefly talk about two things.

The first is a girl’s throat was cut by her ex-boyfriend, and when I saw that there was still a lot of money missing for treatment, I posted a blog with a link to raise money for her treatment, and many of my followers donated money. After the girl died, I thought I should give an account to the people who donated money and let everyone know the follow-up, so I re-posted the update of her death. Then, I received a call from the police where the crime took place, and they are really doing their best to handle the case, and the criminals have been caught. The incident is of course true, but still asked to delete the post, said a lot of reasons, I was a little emotional, top a few sentences, and finally did not wait for the police officer to finish the phone hung up, but still deleted the blog (know where the crime is pro do not mention in the forward comments, afraid to receive another call from them).

The second is known to everyone in the CU event, the morning before yesterday just sleepy-eyed quick to get up, heard a knock on the door, open the door to see two JC, a shock. They said I made “inappropriate comments” on the matter, I showed them all my blog posts on the matter, all of them are statements of fact, I think there is nothing inappropriate words. The local police detention, the school official microblogging the expulsion of the boy notice, all prove that the matter is true, they took evidence and left, did not ask to delete the post, I did not delete. Before leaving, a police officer reminded me: where you can find your, do not send, do not get into trouble.

Then last night, I got a call asking to go to the police station to talk about this matter (they were also asked). The two officers were nice and talked to me heart to heart for an hour, among them were mosquito bites several bags. Finally, in front of them, I deleted all the blogs about the matter, and signed the investigation transcript. The transcript was detailed to the schooling experience from elementary school to university, all the work experience, and family members, and their occupation.

They also had a hard time, only to learn that they had to work a shift for more than 30 hours straight, and there were so many mosquitoes.

I can see that the two officers are genuinely good for me, one of the officers is an old acquaintance, the first contact is a man bragging that he has adopted three underage girls, Qiqihar police came over to collect evidence, he brought them to my home, that time we are very happy, working together to catch the criminals.

Then he was asked to talk to me once because of a blog post, and I got a little frustrated that time, but I could appreciate his good intentions. He knew I was depressed and asked me each time we met if you were getting better.

This was our third meeting. When we left, the young officer made a point of walking me downstairs, and I joked that I hoped this was the last time we would ever see each other again (or at least not this kind of meeting).

Two things, both true, but, not to be told.

This is just the tip of what I’ve experienced since I’ve been vocal these past few years, and frankly, there’s a psychological shadow.

No diss to any police, they were asked to. Here’s where I’m confused: I still don’t know what I did wrong. An hour long conversation with two officers last night didn’t solve my confusion.