You and I will become fireflies

If this is the last article of “The Way of Common Words” – there is no if, don’t say if, the apple falls, long before the seeds are sown, planted in the heart. The apple is what if, making the impossible possible.

As the saying goes: Never get used to it. What if you are used to writing about apples and watching them and are forced to quit for a while? If you’re used to eating apples, be an apple person. Seek the truth, seek the facts, write out what you see and feel, at least leave a flesh and blood record for Hong Kong. In the face of inevitable fear, to fearlessly resist: from Lai Chi-ying to Next Media colleagues, has been fearless in offending those who deserve to be offended, as readers, living in the new Hong Kong this fierce house of ghosts, fear of ghosts, ghosts will not let you go, but as a person, only smart and flexible to create their own spiritual talisman to ward off evil.

Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea” has the following words: “But a man is not made for defeat ……A man can be destroyed but not defeated. ” “But a man is not made for defeat, a man can be destroyed but not defeated. To lose to barbaric cruelty, to win to the meaning of life; to be destroyed is only the result of battle, not to be defeated is the spirit of not surrendering. When I wrote “The Last Faith”, I wrote, “There is faith in the soul, and it cannot be robbed, but such robbers may be more fearful than you”.

I tell them, “Of course, you don’t have to be arrogant and think that you can change the world, nor do you have to feel humble and powerless. Everyone is a firefly, a tiny light in the dark mire, not afraid of the dark, people will influence people, in the glow of the dark, no road, but there is a direction.

I’m not ashamed to say that last night was another skilled mix of grief and anger, tears like vomiting to endure very hard to spit out; this is not defeated, after the release of emotional emotions, it is the motivation to move forward rationally. My friends who cared about me advised me that if that day came, it would be better to let go and enjoy my senior years. How tempting, alas, originally, however, happy to live, is to do happy to do things, witnessed the apple by the regime so brutally treacherous destruction, grief and anger let me worry about the wistful and never lose heart, as long as still willing to write, it is necessary to write, then everywhere is the apple garden.

I don’t talk about the courage of my backbone. I am not afraid of forgetting my feelings if I don’t feel dire. People have inertia, there is no injustice regime, the sense of justice will be slack; people should have blood, in the face of the unjust things beyond imagination, lying flat will also stand upright.

There is a shocking dialogue in the movie “Persian Story”: “I am tired of fear”, not resisting fear, but getting tired of it. It’s so true that if you are sick of a poisonous mosquito, you will despise it, fight it, and exterminate it. If you have nothing to lose, what is there to fear?

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the apple and move the column to the Facebook page under the name of Lindsay, so that you can continue to be a firefly and not be afraid to talk about it.