The present retribution conspiracy to seize money struck by lightning

The story of this present retribution is recorded in the book “Zi Bu Yan” written by Yuan Mei, a talented writer of the Qing Dynasty.

There was an old man in Lime Kiln, 20 miles west of Xiangtan County, whose family was well-off and had no sons, but only two daughters, so he recruited two sons-in-law to live with him.

The old man was always concerned about the fact that he had no son to pass on his heir, and once he went to Guangxi to buy and sell grain and bought a concubine back.

When the concubine was pregnant, the old man’s second daughter and second son-in-law began to worry and privately discussed, “If the concubine gave birth to a son, will we still have a share in our father’s property?”

They were outwardly very affectionate with the concubine, but behind the scenes they plotted to trap her. When the concubine gave birth, she did give birth to a son. But the baby boy died as soon as he hit the ground.

The old man was very sad and thought that he was not destined to have a son, and even if he had given birth, he could not keep it. In his grief, the old man took off his clothes, wrapped the dead baby and buried it in the back garden.

The second daughter and the midwife were not sure of themselves, so they went to dig it up to see. Suddenly, a thunderbolt killed the second daughter on the spot, while the dead baby woke up. The midwife was also struck by lightning at the same time and her whole body was scorched, but she was not dead yet.

Such a great calamity occurred, the crowd asked the midwife, the midwife told the original story. It turned out that the old man’s second daughter bribed the midwife to strangle the newborn baby. The next day, the midwife also died. As if God intended to let her die later, in order to obtain a confession to warn the world.

The sad old man buried his second daughter and gave some money and food to his son-in-law to send him back.

Who knows, the second son-in-law crossed the river by boat, just reached the center of the river, suddenly a strange wind, the wind and waves rose, and drowned him. This series of events happened one after another, just a few days before and after. None of these bad guys escaped the present rewards. As the ancients say, “the eyes of God are like lightning”, which is very clear in this case, one can bear the consequences of good deeds and bad deeds. People can choose their own good and evil and their own future.

Source: “Zi Bu Bu Wu