A century of internal divisions in the Communist Party of China, more than 30 people formed a new Maoist party and were secretly imprisoned

This year marks the centennial of the CCP’s founding. Faced with unprecedented internal and external problems, the CCP has taken a haphazard approach, tightly controlling dissidents, visitors, and faith groups nationwide. There has also been a serious separation within the CCP, with more than 30 people who formed the new Maoist Party being arrested and currently being held in black jails (hotels) where their families cannot contact them.

According to a source, Mr. Zheng, these Maoists have lost their freedom for more than a month since their arrest on May 12, and are now being held in a hotel, or black prison, as visitors often call it.

The group of Maoists arrested this time covers several provinces, including Shandong, Henan, Hebei and Shaanxi, with the center in Shandong, and are all related to the grouping party “Maoist Communist Party”. The leader was Ma Houzhi from Jining, Shandong, so it was a case run by the police in Jining, Shandong.

Mr. Zheng also said that the people arrested this time were polarized in age, from older ones like Ma Houzhi to a group of young people. The current factions within the Maoist left camp are complex and can be divided into “royalists” and “rebels”.

“The ‘royalists’ believe that Xi Jinping is the heir of Mao and is fighting against the ‘capitalist party’ led by Li Keqiang and others, and should support Xi; the ‘rebel faction ‘ is that Xi Jinping is also ‘revisionist’ and should be defeated.” He said.

According to the news from the Maoist left circle, the police found people in this circle and asked them about the organization, and the police said that the people arrested this time were because they attended their “11th Communist Party Congress” and did not recognize the 11th to 20th Congress of the current Chinese Communist regime.

The reporter called a well-known leftist figure on the mainland, who also confirmed this. He said that this group of people had a constitution and a series of things to build a party, and that they were also forming Mao’s party under the banner of the Communist Party. He believes that this is “splitting the Chinese Communist Party, which is not allowed, and is even more serious than Zhang Guotao’s creation of a separate central committee. He even said, “They are similar to going to Jinggang Mountain for armed struggle.”

Mr. Zheng said that this is the second time that the Maoist left has proposed to form a party, the last time was in 2009, and also publicly issued a statement, seemingly to open what it called the “Tenth Congress” of the Communist Party, which was “sung by the red and black” in Chongqing at that time, and they embraced as the “General Secretary”. The “General Secretary” Bo Xilai, who was in Chongqing at the time “singing the red and fighting the black” and whom they had made the “General Secretary”, gave the end.

He believes that this time is different from the last time. “This time it should have been secret, but I guess there was a mole inside, so the authorities ended it in one pot. It is also not known what the main composition of the members of this party is, the only thing that is certain is that there are rebel factions involved and it is not an organization of Bo fans.”

According to Zheng’s observation, “In response to this incident of the Maoist Left forming a party again and being terminated, those who write propaganda in solidarity on the domestic Internet are mainly ‘royalists’, so there will be a lot of ‘anti-corruption officials but not the emperor’ remarks; but privately Those who support the families are mainly the ‘rebel faction’, and some of the ‘rebel faction’ think the nature of this organization is unclear, and want to wait for the authorities to make a public statement before acting.”

According to Wu Te, an independent media commentator on the mainland, “I think there are two possible factors at play as to why these Mao fans chose this time to organize the party: First, the Xi Jinping administration’s newly compiled Party history downplays the evils of the Mao-era political movement, portrays the disasters of the first 30 years as arduous exploration through the revision of textbooks, the release of information by imperial scholars, and the connivance of the Maoist left to pay homage to Jiang Qing’s tomb, etc. A series of things made these Maoist leftists feel they had an opportunity to expand their influence.

“Second, as July 1, the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China, approached, the CCP made a lot of propaganda in society glorifying the history of the founding of the CCP, and these Mao leftists felt they could compete with the authorities for the right to interpret Mao’s thought in the context of some popular concerns about the history of the CCP.”

He said, “These Mao-leftists receive limited information channels, only know the set of extreme leftist fundamentalism of the CCP, mistakenly believe that the Mao era was truly democratic and fair, pushing the set of the Cultural Revolution and the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, only to be backhandedly hit by Xi with the set of dictatorship of the Mao era, which is very sad. “

And the Chinese Communist Party for 100 years, not only faced with internal divisions, not long ago after the U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe, issued a series of joint statements, forming the momentum of democratic countries around the world to besiege the Chinese Communist Party.

As July 1 approaches, a tense atmosphere pervades the streets of Beijing. In addition to the red armbands seen everywhere, there are videos showing large numbers of buses transporting troops to the Bird’s Nest National Stadium. Patrol police also conduct frequent pro-inspections at subway stations, and nine districts near Beijing’s Tiananmen Square are banned from flying kites, balloons, and Kongming lanterns, and pigeons are banned from flying, among other things.

Cai Xia, a former professor at the Chinese Communist Party School, recently said, “The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its 100th year, making it look like a big disaster, and the wind and the crane are all over the place. The Chinese Communist Party has guns in hand, money in hand, and high-tech monitors in hand, so it can arrest people when it says so, and block numbers when it says so. What is this fear? Is this a happy event or a funeral event?”