Australia begins trial of new crown vaccine in nasal spray

Australian researchers have begun clinical trials of a new neo-crown vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. Researchers believe the vaccine may be more effective than some drugs in treating the neo-coronavirus and allow patients who are afraid of needles to receive the neo-coronavirus vaccine.

Scientists at the Nucleus Network, a research institute in Brisbane, Australia, have begun clinical trials of the nasal spray vaccine.

Following successful trials, future vaccines may be easier to administer, as the purpose of the dermal spray vaccine is to “attack the virus” as it enters the body.

“Paul Griffin, medical director of the Nucleocyte Network, said the new vaccine is designed to reduce infection with the new coronavirus, even though other drugs can largely prevent the severe symptoms of the virus.

The main benefit,” Griffin said, “is that when we go through the same pathway that the pathogen or virus enters (the body) to get the vaccine, hopefully the response is more appropriate to actually stop the virus from entering,” “so that we’ll get a particularly positive response in the field, and hopefully that will mean people are less likely to get the virus, and we do hope that the vaccine for this virus will produce that response.”

An independent ethics committee has approved clinical trials for this new new crown vaccine. Researchers say this nasal spray-based neo-crown vaccine may be available for use in a year or two years.