Delta virus strain invasion Hong Kong maintains 16-day native +0 break!

The global Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread, with the Indian variant of Delta spreading rapidly. The Hong Kong authorities announced on Thursday (24) seven new confirmed cases, all infected with the Delta mutant strain, maintaining a record of 16 days of zero confirmed cases in the territory.

The Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection said Thursday that seven new cases were confirmed, one for a 27-year-old male airport ground crew member, tentatively listed as locally infected but of unknown origin, while the remaining six cases were imported from outside the country, all confirmed to be infected with the Delta variant of L452R virus. The authorities confessed that the variant of the virus is a growing threat to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection director Lam Man-kin pointed out that the 27-year-old groundskeeper and his family have not been vaccinated, which shows that the risk of infection and transmission without vaccination will increase.

Hong Kong has so far 131 cases of Delta virus infection, of which 129 cases are imported from outside the country; WHO also assessed that the virus is more infectious and serious, and the amount of viruses carried by patients are higher than other viruses.