Copy the Hong Kong Apple after the promotion? Hong Kong media: Li Jiachao, Deng Bingqiang to take charge of the Department of Government, Security Bureau

A number of Hong Kong media have revealed in the evening of the 24th, the HKSAR government personnel will be a significant change, including the Secretary for Security Lee Ka-chiu will be promoted to the Chief Secretary for Administration, the Commissioner of Police Deng Bingqiang as the Secretary for Security.

Hong Kong “wireless news”, “Hong Kong 0-1” respectively quoted sources to report this matter. The news of wireless news pointed out that Li Ka-chiu will be the Chief Secretary for Administration, but the source of “Hong Kong 101” revealed that the replacement of the Chief Secretary for Administration in the name of Tsang Kwok-wai and Nip Tak-kuen has a higher voice. Both sources pointed out that Deng Bingqiang will be promoted to the Secretary for Security, the current Deputy Commissioner of Police Siu Chak Yi will take over as the Commissioner of Police.

Li Ka-chiu and Tang Ping-keung have taken a tough stance on law enforcement actions against the pro-democracy camp and related demonstrations in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong 101” reported that it was once widely rumored that Deng Bingqiang would be promoted to the top of the Political Secretary, but “101” sources pointed out that the possibility of Deng taking over the Security Bureau is relatively high, but also in line with the Hong Kong Government has always been the promotion ethics.

The report pointed out that the incumbent Chief Secretary for Administration Zhang Jianzong over 70 years old, may leave the retirement in the short term, the Hong Kong Government therefore adjust the personnel, the fastest 25 will be announced personnel arrangements.