Communist China invites 100 Taiwanese to attend centennial celebration Taiwan warns not to try the law with their bodies

The Communist Party of China (CPC) will hold its centennial celebration on July 1. According to reports, about a hundred Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese youths currently in the mainland have been invited to attend the celebration. However, the head of Taiwan’s Land Commission, Chiu Tai-san, has reminded Taiwanese people not to participate in any activities related to the party’s centennial, or they may face punishment.

According to the Taiwanese newspaper Want Want, about 100 Taiwanese were invited to attend the party’s centennial celebration, mainly Taiwanese businessmen, but also representatives of Taiwanese youth and other individual Taiwanese.

Wang Ping-sheng, former president of the National Taiwan Compatriots Investment Association (NTCEA) in mainland China, told the station that he was invited but could not make it because of the epidemic in Guangdong.

Wang Ping-sheng: “I was asked by the Taiwan Enterprise Confederation if there was a test for nucleic acid, so I asked what was going on. Later, it was not because of the outbreak of the epidemic in Guangdong? Guangdong is now very troublesome to travel, I believe that Beijing they do not dare to invite me to go, Guangdong people are now going to be suspicious of where, only at home.”

According to the report, most of the attendees of this year’s Communist Party Centennial Conference are Taiwanese who are already in China, and no one is temporarily rushing from Taiwan to the mainland to attend the event. The newspaper quoted invited Taiwanese businessmen as saying that they had received two doses of vaccination as a basic condition for invitation, in addition, the organizer also required that before entering the designated hotel for quarantine on June 28, they must first have a nucleic acid test on the 15th and 22nd.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The government’s decision to use the “National Anthem” to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Sun Yat-sen has caused a major stir in Taiwan’s political arena.

Wu told the station that he judged that this was just a media message and it was unlikely that so many people would travel from Taiwan to the mainland to attend the event. The reason Wu holds is that first of all, the epidemic situation in Taiwan has not been lifted from alert level 3, and he does not believe that there will be 100 people attending. He understands that the political figures of the Blue Army or retired generals who have visited the mainland forum in the past are unlikely to attend.

Wu Sihuai: “What I know is no, as for the other pipeline I am not sure. I am 100% sure that, except for a few years ago, I have been to several forums with Papa Xu (the late Retreat Chairman Xu Linong), all my contacts with mainland China are zero, and they have to smear me as “pro-communist”.”

In the interview, Wu Si-Huai solemnly emphasized that no mainland Chinese agency, whether it was the State Administration of Taiwan or the military academy system, had ever maintained contact with him. “No! Last year’s parade was also asked me if I was invited, I said I counted which onion, people were fighting in the election to hit me as a target, I can’t get on stage.”

The Land Commission warned not to test the law with their bodies

In fact, the Taiwan Land Commission has long predicted that the Chinese Communist Party will take the opportunity to promote its political achievements and the united war against Taiwan, the Communist Party Congress is the time to vigorously carry out united war activities. The Council once again emphasized that current public officials of the central or local governments, or retired personnel, who are still subject to restrictions on travel to the mainland, are prohibited from participating; the general public should also consider national dignity and social perception, and should not engage in actions that harm national security or interests, nor participate in activities that harm sovereignty or involve the promotion of “one country, two systems”.

In addition, the ROC reiterated that it has completed the “Five National Security Laws” and the “Anti-Infiltration Law” and other related amendments to remind the public to engage in cross-strait exchanges, should comply with the “Cross-Strait Regulations” and related legal provisions, and not to sign agreements, memoranda and other documents with the other side without authorization, nor to conduct illegal cooperation or conclude alliances.

The ROC also shouted to the other side of the Taiwan Strait, calling on the Chinese Communist Party to respect historical facts, face up to the Republic of China, and respect the 23 million people of Taiwan’s insistence on the development of cross-strait relations and the value of freedom and democracy, and not to impose political manipulation on exchanges, so that cross-strait relations can be put on the track of healthy interaction.