Marx’s theory denies relativity theory, Hebei scholars get official recommendation to compete for science prize, causing uproar

The Hebei Provincial Department of Education recently issued a notice announcing the list of the province’s higher education institutions to declare the province’s Natural Science Award, Technical Invention Award and Science and Technology Progress Award this year, and one of the selected scholars has caused a lot of public outcry because he was officially recommended for his claim that he could use Marxist philosophy to disprove Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity.

Li Zifeng, a professor at Yanshan University in Hebei Province, has a research project titled “Upholding the materialist view of space-time and mass-energy and developing Newtonian physics”, which advocates the use of Marxist philosophy to disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity. The research was recommended by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education for the Natural Science Award, stating that the research project was characterized as “a non-consensual theoretical physics project that adheres to a materialistic philosophy and is subversive and innovative”, and that the research was about “the most fundamental problems of philosophy and physics, correcting fallacies in physics, and exploring answers to ancient questions”. The research is about “the most fundamental questions of philosophy and physics, correcting fallacies in physics, and exploring answers to old questions”, including “the role of philosophy in guiding physics”, “the materialist view of space-time and mass-energy”, and “the problem of special relativity”.

It is worth noting that in terms of scientific value, the recommendation form states that Li’s project “resolves a possible contradiction between physics and philosophy” and even “overturns Einstein’s theory of relativity, which has misled the physics community and the basic approach of human understanding of the world, and clears a huge obstacle for the healthy development of science. This cleared a huge obstacle to the healthy development of science.

What exactly is Li Zifeng’s claim to criticize the theory of relativity with Marxist philosophy? Li Zifeng told the mainland media, “The argument is to seek truth from facts.” According to the recommendation form, Li’s research has nine findings, including “the proposal that consciousness is an advanced form of orderly organization of matter,” “the correction and refinement of the nomenclature of matter,” and “the refinement of the materialist He also “refined the materialist view of space-time quality and energy”.

However, many people were still confused after listening to his lecture. When asked whether his claims were supported by rigorous scientific research, Li replied.

Li Zifeng: “Yes. The so-called subversive innovation, that is, you subvert the current theory on the stage, you subvert his point of view, he can give you a vote? According to the way it is now, the probability of voting is very low, we all studied physics when we were college students. It is the foundation of science. I’m also in interdisciplinary studies, right. You can’t say you’re in petroleum research and you can’t do this relativity research.”

The academic background is not related to philosophical research, but the authorities and media support

According to the official website of Yanshan University, Li Zifeng is a researcher and doctoral supervisor in the School of Vehicles and Energy, and his research interests are mainly in oil and gas well rod and column mechanics and oil and gas drilling and production engineering. Some mainland media even uncovered that Li Zifeng had been recorded as a serious teaching incident by the university for taking up a lot of time in the teaching process to teach content unrelated to teaching, such as making statements against relativity, Hawking, and the Apollo moon landing, etc., and stopped him from conducting all undergraduate teaching work for three years.

Although Li’s academic major is not related to Marxism, his research was still recommended by the Hebei Provincial Education Department, encouraged by the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang and the China Association for Science and Technology, and featured in many mainland media, including Science Daily, Science Times and Xinhua.

The news of Li Zifeng’s nomination received widespread attention, and netizens mostly questioned the content of his research. Zifeng Li responded with an article saying, “General relativity is also wrong …… In recent theoretical physics, there are many mu theories, and many Nobel prizes in physics have been awarded to fallacies”, and stressed that the main purpose of his award is to “promote the truth”, but also to withstand false accusations, but think that the chances of winning the award is very small.

Comment: How can philosophy be used to deny physics?

Wang Gang, a former associate professor at Hebei University of Engineering, also questioned the rigorous thinking and scientific logic of Li Zifeng’s research to draw such a conclusion. He said to the station that he hopes the information on this matter can be amplified, “so that they can be properly disgraced.”

Wang Gang: “How can philosophy just deny physics. How can he deny, he is at most questioning. The denial of physics should be a scientific inference, while philosophy should go methodological. The whole (thinking) method should not be valid.”

Scholar: China’s education system only generates ridiculous topics

Mr. Cai, a writer from the mainland, told the station that there are many other cases like this, even if the topic is ridiculous, they can still get funding and carry out the research direction designated by the Ministry of Education of the country, and under the current education system and atmosphere, similar cases will only grow and become more and more commonplace.

Mr. Cai: “Especially in the humanities, it is very easy to get funding. So that only they dare not think, there is nothing they can not do, so that these professors, scholars are wind and oxen are doing these studies, completely contrary to some basic common sense research, and actually he was able to get some funding for the subject.”

The relevant personnel of the Hebei Provincial Department of Education said that the matter is not known, but also need to ask the leadership to respond again. The reporter checked the information, experts and scholars, social organizations and departments are eligible to nominate the Hebei Province Science and Technology Award, but there is no mention of what the specific criteria for nomination guidelines.