Peru surprised by the emergence of a new variant of the virus WHO: has been transmitted to 29 countries infectiousness, resistance to drugs fear stronger

The global pandemic of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has seen the emergence of several variants of the virus, making prevention of the disease continuously more difficult. The WHO announced that a new variant of the coronavirus “Lambda” has been found in Peru and has now spread to 29 countries worldwide, and has greater infectivity and resistance to antibodies.

The WHO said that the new variant of the virus Lambda was first discovered in Peru in August last year, and since then cases have been reported in several countries, with cases caused by the variant Lambda appearing in 29 countries worldwide.

The WHO pointed out that the mutant virus Lambda continues to spread in Peru, and since April this year, a total of 81% of the cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in the country are caused by this variant, and the country has the highest mortality rate in the world, causing concern from all walks of life. It is also included in the WHO’s global “Variant of Interest” (VOI).

The WHO is concerned that, according to observations to date, the Peruvian variant of the virus may be more transmissible and resistant to drugs, and may have more serious consequences once it spreads widely.