Taiwan authorized TSMC, Hon Hai and other companies to purchase vaccines Tsai Ing-wen: the original factory direct delivery to Taiwan

Taiwan Presidential Office spokesman Tun-Han Chang said on Friday that President Tsai Ing-wen met with Hon Hai Group founder Kuo Tai-Ming and TSMC chairman Liu Deyin to discuss the vaccine transfer. The meeting had a high degree of consensus on the delivery schedule of the vaccine, that is, the sooner the better, and that it must be manufactured by the original manufacturer, packaged by the original manufacturer and delivered directly to Taiwan.

The government will make every effort to obtain the vaccine and instructed the Executive Yuan and relevant ministries to provide full assistance to complete the authorization and other procedures in the shortest possible time so that TSMC and YL Foundation can each obtain 5 million doses of the original vaccine.

The Taiwan Executive Yuan also announced on the same day that it had issued a letter authorizing TSMC and Red Sea Forever Foundation to negotiate for the purchase of the original BNT German vaccine on behalf of the Taiwan government and donate it to the government.

Taiwan Executive Yuan spokesman Luo Bingcheng said at a press conference on the same day that the delivery period of the 10 million doses of vaccine would be agreed upon in accordance with the circumstances of Taiwan’s international vaccine procurement and delivery, as well as the capacity of the original manufacturer. In addition, the vaccines donated to the government by TSMC and Hon Hai Forever Foundation will follow the precedent of Japan’s provision of vaccines to Taiwan, as well as international procurement contracts and other practices, and the government will give the manufacturer a disclaimer in the donation contract and also undertake follow-up work.

Luo Bingcheng also said that the Taiwan government will continue to discuss with BNT with the assistance of the German government in order to supply this year’s and future vaccine needs.