German Berlin police clashed with house-occupying radicals, 60 police officers were injured by stone pelting and firecrackers

A riot attack occurred in Berlin, Germany on the 16th, the police to drive away the people and residents occupying the apartment building, the results were hundreds of residents throwing stones and firecrackers, resulting in 60 police officers were injured.

The riot took place in the apartment building at Rigaer Strasse 94 in the Friedrichshain area of Berlin, Germany, where anti-capitalist graffiti is painted on the murals of the apartment, which is also held by squatters.

It is understood that after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many young people and radical anarchist groups moved in and occupied the abandoned building in eastern Germany, and the Berlin authorities claimed that the situation inside the building posed an urgent threat to public safety and order, and that many of the building’s residents also had leases, although the occupants had long refused to intervene with the authorities.

And previously the apartment residents have been uncooperative with the Berlin authorities in the inspection of the building for fire safety, and the 15th Berlin Administrative Court rejected the act, so the police arrived in tactical vehicles and carrying water cannons before the fire safety inspection was implemented on the 16th. According to the police, they were hit by stones and firecrackers thrown from the roof by about 200 residents, causing injuries to 60 police officers and chaos in the streets, so they rushed to ban parking and demonstrations in the district.

It is known that the Riga Street apartments have been a point of contention since the 1990s and that the premises they occupy are a gathering place for local left-wing forces. In the past, there have also been numerous clashes between police and occupiers.