Vaccines and civilization

G7 leaders held a summit in the United Kingdom, in addition to another special meeting to study the source of the virus, but also announced that they will issue a vaccine passport, recognizing the four major vaccines: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Modena, Johnson & Johnson.

Germany and France are among the G7 countries, which are the top countries in the EU. However, over the past year, Europe has been targeting AstraZeneca, claiming that the vaccine developed in Oxford, England, would cause side effects of blood clots, and once Denmark and the Netherlands refused to import it.

However, Japan purchased a large amount of AstraZeneca and sent it to Taiwan. At this time, rumors were flying in China and abroad, all for political reasons. For example, one said that the AstraZeneca vaccine given to Taiwan by Japan was an expired product. This kind of social media group cross-infection “news” will make Taiwan’s blue camp KMT voters over 70 years old feel very excited, and the same stratosphere population on the other side of the Taiwan Strait will also make the same hatred to connect the Opium War, Black Sun July 31, and Taiwan independence, and each share the common explosion of hate carnival emotions in social networks.

Although the virus came out of Wuhan and went through South Africa, the UK, and India before returning to Guangzhou, people’s intelligence has not evolved with this strain of virus, especially under political manipulation, and they choose to believe in low-level conspiracy theories.

According to Oxford University, the mortality rate for side effects related to cerebral vein thrombosis after an AstraZeneca vaccine is 5 per million, compared to 4 per million for Pfizer (or Fibrate, as it is known in the Far East).

If AstraZeneca had been a life-threatening vaccine, the UK would not have waited so eagerly for June 21, the national liberation day, when all customs and restrictions on gathering in the country were lifted; nor would the diagnosis and mortality rates have plummeted until the Indian variant came back slightly, spurring a rebound in confirmed cases in those days.

Oxford University did not build its reputation by publishing fake data. So the seven civilized countries of the West held a summit, Germany, France and Italy in Europe have not made a sound, AstraZeneca listed as one of the four safe vaccines.

For Hong Kong, the United States Moderna and Johnson, limited distribution, and finally prefer to have three senators landed in a military aircraft in Taipei, announced that a small number of gifts to the Taiwanese, will not be sold to Hong Kong, China. And Pfizer is the United States and Germany to develop cooperation, Shanghai’s revival, although the “Chinese element”, only Foxconn for Apple mobile phone like the role of intermediary buyers, only the SAR government as a national product, and Kexing together to buy. It does not matter, the fight to revive the Bittel, Hong Kong people were told: not counted as traitors who support the U.S. Empire or support the eight Allied Powers among the German General Waldsee. With this guarantee of exoneration, it is really gratifying.

But what about AstraZeneca? It seems to calculate the feud of the Opium War, the British are willing to sell to Lin Zheng, the Special House sneak a look at BNO, afraid to offend the master, no entrance.

But do not buy AstraZeneca, in Hong Kong injection of the big picture no impact. It turns out that as long as the SAR government, including Lin Zheng and Chen Zhaoshi banging drums called Hong Kong people to do the marketing of injections, regardless of red, blue, yellow and black plus the original residents of the New Territories men and women, feel no confidence.

But G7 certification, Pfizer if it is Harvard, AstraZeneca is Oxford. Beggars can be no choosers, beggars do not have the right to pick and choose, especially one in the beggars despised by the world. Be careful one day you want, AstraZeneca will not give you, and a lot to Taiwan.