Girls still do not take shortcuts

Girls, but where there is still a breath of air, easily do not take shortcuts.

I know a girl, after 85, a famous university undergraduate, in the branch to do a lot of years of account manager.

The girl is also quite good in all aspects of the conditions, looking for a husband vision is high, pick and choose all the way to 30 years old.

The girl felt a little panic, work also encountered a bottleneck, life is not settled, and finally a cross-hearted, do the line manager’s mistress.

A time of scenery without two. Performance performance do not worry, the governor’s second wife is equivalent to the vice governor, inside and outside a grasp; life life has hope, every day thinking about how to kill the governor’s family of the old woman, so that they can be corrected to the top.

The result is that the governor of the family is not easy to mess with, directly with the mother’s family at the door of the line blocking people, the girl beaten up, but also the governor gave an ultimatum: either net out of the house with the bitch to get out, or broken clean roll home, I gave you a chance for the sake of my son.

It turns out that the governor’s wife has a very strong mother’s family, when the governor rose to power is also dependent on the old man. The governor immediately wimped out, wiped his ass and rolled home with his tail between his legs. The key moment also put the responsibility on the girl, let the girl resign and roll away.

Finally, the girl herself resigned, the job is gone, the person is also gone, the reputation is also completely stink. Including the subsequent several times she looked for work, background checks are because of this matter did not smoothly into the next home, and finally only to go to an uninspiring asset company selling P2P, and now even the news is gone.

Now look back, and her colleagues at the same time, the promotion of promotion, the transformation of the transformation, if she could also bite the bullet to fight on, now, I think there must also be a good scenery. This thought to take a shortcut, but put themselves into a dead end, but also let people sigh.

This kind of girl, this kind of thing, in fact, there are many, the ending also varies greatly, but the overall view, shortcuts are far from everyone imagined good to go, the world’s real shortcuts are few, and the traps disguised as shortcuts, but everywhere.

In the past two years, when discussing the issue of marriage, more and more emphasis on realistic to focus on the other party’s family conditions, towards the money has almost become politically correct, incidentally scolded a good person and can not be a meal.

The material conditions are right, but I still think that people are good this point, always in first place, and overwhelmingly more important than the money.

Living a life is a very hard thing, every day to face a mountain of trouble and pain, money can only solve part of the pain, in the end you will find that the most important thing, or a reliable person.

Precious people are the treasure weapon through the bulls and bears.

Willing to share when difficult, willing to encourage when lost, willing to take care of when sick, willing to tutor children for you heart attack, than the money, useful a hundred times.

Often see such a paragraph, husband a month to give you 100,000 but do not come home every day you are willing to? The bottom of a cheer: not to mention 100,000, a month to give me 50,000 I can not see him for life so that he loves to die where to die.

I am responsible to say, really so to you do, the pain directly quadrupled.

You can be independent, but hand in hand with the life, certainly more worth experiencing.

I have seen many slightly successful men in my life, but the family business failure. The wife shouting, or even a sentence did not say to directly a teacup flying over; to the child arbitrary, every day how you so useless hanging on the lips but never told the child a bedtime story; indifferent to parents selfish, New Year’s Eve to take two cigarettes to take two bottles of wine door to feel that the old son the world’s most filial. In the outside of the command of the accustomed, home to continue to PUA family.

This kind of man, rich is rich, but definitely not a good person for marriage, his money is like steel and cement, a piece of a cage, which shut his family, living every day as a bird of prey.

Of course, the money and people good, not natural contradictions, the little sisters must not have the rich no a good thing this idea. The safest way to do this is to choose a person of good character inside the material conditions, or to choose the most profitable inside the person of precious character.

The most crucial thing is that when people also consider you in this way, you can also stand out.