“Rolling inward”, “lying flat” and standing up!

With the growth of the powerful capitalist system under the Chinese Communist Party, class consolidation has become stable, and resource allocation has lost its mobility and flexibility. The term “involution” became widely popular as a result of the vicious internal competition in all fields and at all levels, known as social involution. The accelerationism of the Chief Accelerator appreciated the positive attitude of inward competition and called for: roll up your sleeves and get to work! However, the people who had experienced the vicious fight in the volume finally found that there was no winner, all were losers.

So in the centenary of the party’s big celebration is approaching, Xi the Great to prepare for the 20 big succession of the moment, tired of the internal volume, leaving the internal volume of emotions and consciousness, suddenly to a helpless and humble “lying flatism” performance out. “Lying flat”, as the name suggests, lazy lying, no desire, no fight, no grab, away from the inner volume.

Some analysts say: “lie flatism” in China, mainly because the young generation after 80, after 90 in including buying, renting, marriage, children, buy a car and in the workplace, facing huge pressure of life. The deeper reason is that China’s social system has led to low wages, low welfare and low human rights for Chinese laborers for a long time.

The connotation of “lay flatism” has been proliferating and interpreted as a spontaneous proletarian movement of the masses to resist capital exploitation, manifesting itself as a downgrading of consumption and a minimum of socialization. “No house, no car, no marriage, no children, no consumption,” the six no’s, spending the minimum amount of labor “to maintain a minimum standard of existence, refusing to become a machine for others to make money and a slave to be exploited.”

I and many opponents see that lie flatism is an awakening of the sense of rights and identity, and we also see in it a wave of non-cooperation. So, “Lying flat is awakening, moreover, non-cooperation; awakening and non-cooperation, there is hope for China.”

There is a poem on the Internet that reads: If you can’t stand up, but don’t want to kneel, you have to lie flat. Lie flat, in order not to bend; lie flat, in order not to kneel; lie flat, is a horizontal stand; lie flat, is a straight backbone. This poem graphically expresses the volatile attitude of ordinary people in the face of the cruel inner volume, and also graphically expresses the uncooperative posture of the opposition in the face of tyranny.

“Lay flatism” made the authorities panic, the official media and imperial literati have taken a stand, accusing lay flat shameful, irresponsible, is toxic chicken soup ……. The “lie flat group” on Douban was blown up, the page no longer existed, but still left a line of group introduction: lie flat is a philosophy, lie flat is a kind of art. In this noisy era, to stay the same in response to all changes ……, lay flat group was blown up, lay flat people scattered, spread to the vast world. There is a widely circulated video on the Internet, a lying young woman is saying, “Young people lying flat in the end to mess with who, how unlucky is our generation of young people living!” “Young people do not lack the determination and confidence to struggle, what young people lack is the light on the road of struggle.”

Therefore, in my opinion, the passive resistance of lying flat and uncooperative lying flat is brewing the emotion and energy of direct resistance. When the light that enlightens the struggle of Chinese people shines over China, the spine of the lying flat and straight will stand up with a sudden start, and the end of the tyranny will come!