Fake professors are flying high, real scholars are desperate

On June 7, a murder case occurred in the School of Mathematics of Fudan University in China, in which a young professor, Jiang Wenhua, slit the throat of the party secretary of the school, Wang Yongzhen, killing him on the spot. The incident sparked widespread attention on social media platforms, with public opinion seemingly overwhelmingly sympathizing with the murderer and attacking the current university management system.

For example, a netizen posted: “Fake professor Zhang Wei became a state teacher for soaring, while real scholar Jiang Wenhua became a murderer in desperation”

Another example is the former party school professor Cai Xia tweeted: Shanghai Fudan University has recently made two major events: one is a mob to mix into the highest level of the temple, and the royalty as a “national teacher”; the second is a sea returnee who worked hard for N years without a place to return, stabbed to death the party secretary on behalf of the organization to deal with him. Fudan is China’s top-ranking university and has produced Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party, who is in charge of ideology, so naturally Fudan should be the benchmark for mainland universities. These two events are showing that Fudan is indeed the epitome of truth in Chinese Communist universities.

A netizen joieyang posted: I returned to Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2004 and 2007 after completing a collaborative research project in France, and was illegally suspended from my labor contract in 2008 because I was unwilling to participate in their academic corruption and falsification of research projects, to put it bluntly, I was swept out of my home. Chinese universities have long been reduced to a place for rogues and scoundrels, and “reverse elimination” and “expulsion of good money from bad money” have long been the norm in Chinese universities.

He graduated from Fudan University in 2004 with a degree in mathematics and applications, and received his PhD in statistics from the University of Rochester in 2009, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health from 2009 to 2011. was dismissed. The background of the case is: Jiang initially participated in the introduction of talent program, agreed to a six-year assessment of scientific tasks, do not meet the standards on the termination of employment, that is, in recent years, the domestic often said “non-promotion is gone” long-tenured teaching track system. And it is this foreign competition system in the domestic bureaucracy under the rule of man system has gone the way, by many people criticized as oppressive slavery of young teachers appointment system.

There is also a posting circulating online, seemingly from a professor with similar experience, disclosing the role of Wang, the party secretary of Fudan University, in this case, which reads, “The death of Wang Yongzhen, the party secretary of the School of Mathematics at Fudan University, whose throat was slit, is exploding all over the Chinese online media in China and abroad. The hateful thing is that everyone is saying that Jiang Wenhua killed because he failed the assessment and did not comply with the employment system of promotion or leave. This is a deliberate attempt to draw attention to Jiang Wenhua’s poor research and teaching skills and failure to complete the assessment, thus hiding the bigger secret behind it: Secretary Wang Yongzhen used his veto power. Many times prevented Jiang Wenhua from being promoted to full professor, which is the reason why Wang Yongzhen was killed by Jiang Wenhua’s hand! Jiang Wenhua returned from the United States with a doctorate and a post-doctorate but arrived as an associate professor, having been depressed by half a grade! According to the title regulations of Chinese universities: PhDs and postdocs from world-renowned universities can be hired directly as full professors when they leave the station. Smart people would pack themselves extremely hard, ask people for connections and get in place at once. But Jiang Wenhua was only an associate professor at Soochow University, and he was not promoted to full professor for five consecutive years. This is the purpose of his departure from Fudan University! Jiang Wenhua, who did not know how to invite guests and send gifts, did not go through relations, and failed to be promoted to full professor five times in five years, and when he arrived at Fudan University, Jiang Wenhua, who did not know the world, thought that he could be promoted smoothly if he passed the scientific research, but he ended up falling pounds every year again. There is only one reason: he offended the hospital leadership Wang Yongzhen secretary! According to my little inside information: Jiang Wenhua first offended a leader of Soochow University, and that leader is Wang Yongzhen’s classmates and close friends. So, Jiang Wenhua’s high promotion effect of Fudan University. Deeply annoyed the old leaders of Soochow University. Wang Yongzhen look at him in a bad way, just for the old classmate to suppress Jiang Wenhua. The reason for the suppression is: failed political examination! This is Wang Yongzhen as a hand holding the right to veto!

Therefore, Jiang Wenhua by no means failed the examination, nor scientific research is not up to standard, let alone lectures were reported. The failure of the political examination is equivalent to the death sentence of Jiang Wenhua!

Professor Cao Tingbing, a returnee doctor from Renmin University of China, jumped to his death. He didn’t dare to pick up the knife to kill the man who forced him to die! Associate Professor Tu Xu Xin, a returnee PhD from Zhejiang University, jumped to his death!!! He didn’t dare to pick up the knife to kill the one who forced him to die either! Professor Nanfang Yuan, a returnee from Hunan University, committed suicide by jumping into the river! He also did not dare to pick up the knife to kill the person who forced him to die! Now, the furious Jiang Wenhua has picked up the knife! Kill the person who forced him to die! Even if a returnee doctor fought bloodily and danced with the ruthless to become a professor. What can you do? Do you want to know why Yan Ning left Tsinghua University? Do you want to know why Yin Xi did not return to China to take up her job? Do you want to know why Xu Chenyang left Peking University?

Finally, do you want to know why I, the author of this article, gave up my professorship at Wuhan University to come to Renmin University of China, gave up my professorship at Renmin University of China to come to East China Normal University, and gave up my professorship at East China Normal University to come to the United States? The answer is in this article.

There is a true meaning in this, and I want to argue but I forgot to say.”