51 cities rally and march in solidarity with Hong Kong on the second anniversary of June 12 Japanese groups say human rights sanctions bill is taking shape

Hong Kong people in the Hong Kong Government vigorously guarded against the second anniversary of the “6.12” in the anti-revision of large-scale public collective activities, but 51 cities from 22 countries around the world yesterday (12) have held the “6.12” second anniversary of activities, mainly is a march rally, the largest number of people may be the United Kingdom London, and the most neat formation should be Tokyo, Japan, about 250 people dressed in black and holding a yellow umbrella forward, some people even from time to time waved a black flag with the words “restoration of Hong Kong Times Revolution”, the organizers issued a statement calling on Hong Kong people not to give up, revealing that the Japanese version of “The conclusion of the ‘Magnesia Bill of Rights’ is no longer out of reach”.

Comprehensive AFP and various social media platforms reported that the countries holding the commemorative event were the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and other places. Responsible for the preparation and organization of this global online rally of Hong Kong exiles “Range Fry Ba” Liu Zu Di said, yesterday a total of 22 countries in 51 cities around the world to commemorate the “6.12” activities, participating groups are earlier ” June 4 party” two to three times, the situation is very moving.

In the UK, a total of ten cities held “6.12” rallies and marches, including London, Birmingham, Bristol (also known as Bristol), Reading, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Leith, Nottingham and Edinburgh, among them, the London rally claimed 3,000 people attended, participants along the road holding up “Restoration of Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times”, “Hong Kong People Resist”, “Hong Kong People Go”, “Fight for freedom Some people also sang “May the glory return to Hong Kong”. The latter stated that the rally was to send a message to the G7 countries in the UK to unite for Hong Kong and Xinjiang who are persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party, and to A strong statement was issued.

Several cities in Australia also held commemorative rallies, with the Hong Kong people’s group NSW HongKongers rallying outside Sydney City Hall with about 500 participants. Speaking on stage, former member of the Legislative Council in exile in Australia, Raymond Hui, encouraged overseas Hong Kong people to use all their freedom to fight to the end and to influence parliaments and parliamentarians around the world to help Hong Kong people make their voices heard internationally. It is understood that there are now organizations following the example of Canada, launched a joint action to let Australia recognize “Hong Kong people” as a nation. In addition, Melbourne, due to the limited number of people in the epidemic, has changed the march and rally to an exhibition against sending China, and it is reported that more than 50 people participated, which is more than five times the maximum number of people gathered in the epidemic.

Hong Kong people also held rallies in several German cities, including a rally in Berlin with about 200 participants. In his speech, the former convener of the local Front for Democracy in exile, Huang Taiyan, called on the German government to understand that it is not feasible to change China’s old policies through trade.