The Communist Party of China pushes the “principal down to specialization” and behind the young and yellow migrant workers

Since June, large-scale campus demonstrations have taken place in Zhejiang, Guangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Tianjin, Guizhou and Shanxi, with a large number of students from undergraduate institutions opposing the university’s decision to downgrade the “undergraduate degree to a specialist” without any consultation on paper. -A large number of students from undergraduate colleges objected to the merger of undergraduate colleges with high schools or vocational colleges to create vocational universities without any consultation.

Publicly available information shows that the protesting students all pointed out that the school was like a fraudulent group, reducing undergraduates to vocational students, such as this student’s anger: “I am a freshman, and we were not explicitly told that the school was facing a change to a vocational undergraduate program when we were enrolled! To be honest, would I have come if he had explicitly written that?”

Some students also went to the People’s Daily propaganda microblog, “Socialism has not failed China,” but the message was cleared. The students posted to the party media for help, unaware that the implementation of the central party in 2019 issued a specific target in the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan: by 2022, a large number of ordinary undergraduate higher education schools to apply the transformation, the construction of 50 vocational schools and 150 professional (group). 2020 February press release, the Ministry of Education official Wang Jiping said when introducing the content of the program. Cultivate hundreds of millions of highly qualified workers.

In April this year, the National Bureau of Statistics released the “2020 Migrant Worker Monitoring Survey Report”, which showed that the total number of migrant workers decreased by 5.17 million in 2020, the first time since the 2008 statistics recorded a decline in the total number of migrant workers. The average age of migrant workers continues to increase, and the proportion of migrant workers over 50 years old also continues to increase. The proportion of migrant workers engaged in manufacturing industry and the proportion of migrant workers engaged in construction industry both decreased.

In short, the three sets of data behind “the number of migrant workers decreases for the first time”, “the group of migrant workers is getting older” and “the proportion of migrant workers employed in secondary industry continues to decrease” are In a few years, when the “post-80s” migrant workers can no longer work, China’s migrant workers will face a shortage of young and old.

According to an analysis article, why do most of the post-90s, post-95s and even post-00s no longer choose to work? It is not necessarily because they are afraid of suffering, but because their mindset has changed and they can change their fate by studying.

A Chinese dissident wrote an article about the older generation of migrant workers: a group of “disposables” who are discarded after being used up in China! A group of marginalized people who are only worthy of working as cattle and horses for a “prosperous and strong” China and are not qualified to be the masters of their own house and enjoy basic human rights. On the surface, they are the masters of the socialist country, but in fact they are the most miserable modern slave workers.

Some mainland media also reported that the new generation of peasants see the city as their final home, but the city has not really opened its doors to these people. It is very difficult for migrant workers to enjoy the social welfare, medical resources and education opportunities of the urban population, and the long-term urban life requires high costs. The state that the city can’t stand the countryside back also makes many people fall into a confusion about the future. Where should the new generation of migrant workers go in the future?

They have played a decisive role in the development of the country’s urbanization and a lot of infrastructure construction.

The Chinese Communist Party not only treats migrant workers poorly, but also wants them to “thank the Party”, stealing the important contribution that Chinese migrant workers have made to China’s development and economy.

Now that the number of migrant workers has been reduced by more than 5 million, the CCP does not need college students for its “internal circulation”, but a large number of laborers, and the transfer of undergraduates and more vocational students to supplement the “hundreds of millions” of affordable laborers.