Drunkenness for a thousand days, seeing the living in the grave

In ancient times, there was a man who liked drinking very much, named Xuan Shi. He thought he was a good drinker and no one else had as good a taste as he did. One day when he was out on an errand, he passed by the Zhongshan Restaurant and suddenly became addicted to wine, so he turned around and walked in. The shopkeeper was busy serving customers and came over to greet him when he came in.

Xuan Shi quite imposingly patted his chest, said very able to drink, let the shopkeeper take the best wine to. The shopkeeper then turned around and ordered the little fellow to get the best wine in the store: “Thousand Days Wine”.

The little fellow to take the wine, the boss is entertaining other customers, the little fellow wanted to wait for the boss to come over and then pour the wine to Xuan Shi, but Xuan Shi has long been the aroma of wine mouth-watering, see the little fellow still dilly-dallying, a snatch of wine, tilted his head to drink. Gulp, not much work, the wine will be all down to the stomach, and when the shopkeeper turned around to greet him, he has long been a step three shakes, wobbling on the road.

He seemed to ride the clouds all the way home, did not say hello to his family, and fell into bed and died of sleep. The family saw that he smelled of alcohol and knew that he was drunk again, so they didn’t bother with him as before, and he would get up when he sobered up anyway. However, this time is not the same as usual, Xuan Shi did not wake up for several days in a row.

The family was a bit alarmed and wanted to ask a doctor to look at, but the poor countryside, there is no one around who knows how to heal. After a few days still no one woke up, the family decided to die, they cried and got a coffin, put him in it, carried up the mountain and buried.

In the blink of an eye, a thousand days had passed, and this day, when the owner of Zhongshan Restaurant was counting the wine, he suddenly remembered that a thousand days ago a man named Xuan Shi had come to buy the “thousand days of wine”. Then he called the little fellow and asked him if he had told Xuan Shi that this was “a thousand days of wine” and to drink it slowly.

The little fellow stammered for half a day, and finally said he had forgotten to tell. The boss felt that this is difficult to explain, he thought that if Xuan Shi really drunk, then the end of the day is just about to wake up. So he went out with the young man to inquire about Xuan Shi’s address in order to explain the situation to his family.

The boss all the way to inquire, asked a middle-aged man, the man’s eyes widened in surprise, like looking at the demons and devils generally stared at the boss, he stared straight at his heart.

“Xuan Shi, Xuan Shi died three years ago!” The man said.

Dead? The shopkeeper was stunned to hear, stood there for a few minutes did not come back to consciousness, then he grabbed the man’s hand and said, “Quick, quickly lead me to Xuan Shi’s grave.”

The man was confused by the shopkeeper a little confused, and called Xuan Shi’s family to come. The shopkeeper also did not explain, but just keep urging Xuan Shi’s family to lead him to Xuan Shi’s grave.

A group of people embraced the shopkeeper came to the cemetery, the shopkeeper picked up the shovel and dug up quickly, the people next to how to stop it could not stop.

Shortly, the coffin was exposed, the boss yelled a few young strong boys jumped down to carry the coffin up. The boys were all terrified, standing there at a loss for words.

The boss had no choice but to jump down himself, using a shovel to pry the coffin lid. Standing on the side of the people watching all thought the shopkeeper crazy, no one dared to stop him.

Soon the coffin lid was pried open, a breath of wine rushed out, only to see Xuan Shi lying upright in the coffin. A few bold to look closer, suddenly found Xuan Shi’s eyelashes fluttering slightly, the chest seems to be rising and falling, they could not help but exclaim.

At that moment, Xuan Shi’s tightly closed eyes opened, then rolled over and stood up from the coffin, and said: “Good wine! Good wine!” The crowd around the frightened “suddenly” all ran away, leaving the shopkeeper smiling in front of Xuan Shi, as if to welcome him back.

Those who escaped, because the smell of alcohol into the nose, back home also drunk, good guys, a full “drunken death” for three years!

Source: Museum Journal