Zhou Ting released from prison Hong Kong tension

The day of Zhou Ting’s release from prison coincided with the second anniversary of Hong Kong’s anti-sending to China. The photos show that Zhou Ting was very calm and everything was in the air.

On the contrary, the Hong Kong authorities are very nervous, like a big enemy, sending more than 2,000 police officers to block the main roads. The expressions of the police officers reflect the mental state of Chief Executive Carrie Lam – nervous, not knowing what to do; through Carrie Lam, it reflects the nervousness of Beijing, when the centennial celebration of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party is approaching, the wind and grass in Hong Kong will move the world.

On the second anniversary of the anti-sending, Zhou Ting was released from prison, and the Beijing and Hong Kong authorities held a forum on the theme of “The Chinese Communist Party and One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong on the same day, and Luo Huining, director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, did not hide: “To maintain the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is to maintain ‘one country, two systems. While it is widely believed in Europe and the United States that Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” is being trampled by the Beijing authorities, that speech may become a crime, that commemorative activities are banned, that demonstrations are not permitted, and that democrats are sent to prison one by one, Locke said that those who call for an end to one-party dictatorship are destroying “one country, two systems But Luo said that those who are calling for the end of one-party dictatorship are destroying “one country, two systems. Look at the international public opinion, who is destroying one country, two systems, no need for rhetoric.

Chow Ting, the former spokesman of the “Scholarism” and former Deputy Secretary General of the Hong Kong House of Representatives, was charged with “inciting others to knowingly participate in an unauthorized assembly” for surrounding the police headquarters on June 21, 2019 with former Chairman of the House of Representatives Lam Lang-yin and former Secretary General Wong Chi-fung. Wong was sentenced to 13 and a half months in prison, Lam was sentenced to seven months, and Chow was sentenced to 10 months.

Observers pointed out that the 2,000-strong Hong Kong police force should not have been deployed exclusively for Zhou Ting, but for the countless supporters behind him and for the countless Hong Kong people who stood firm in their struggle against the harsh crackdown. The night of the 32nd anniversary of June 4, countless flashing cell phone lights could not be clearer to show the hearts of the people of Hong Kong, the candlelight in the Victoria Park was banned, then at any intersection in Hong Kong, at any window, light up the candlelight.

Some people have made appeals on the internet to commemorate the second anniversary of the anti-sending of China, others hope that young people will preserve their strength and disapprove of taking to the streets in a high profile on this day. In short, these things make the Hong Kong government nervous, and even though they have banned any processions in the name of epidemic prevention, they have set up a blockade area in parts of Causeway Bay and stopped and checked vehicles heading to Hong Kong Island at the Kowloon entrance and exit of the Red Tunnel, which connects Hong Kong Island with the Kowloon Peninsula.

Chow Ting, 24, who was released from prison Saturday, is one of many Hong Kong pro-democracy activists who have been arrested and sentenced since Beijing imposed its national security law on Hong Kong. It was raining in Hong Kong that morning as many people waited outside the Tai Lam Correctional Institution to see Ting, some with their cell phone lights on and others with yellow umbrellas. Around ten o’clock, Zhou Ting, wearing a ponytail and glasses, left the Correctional Institution without saying anything and left in a private car, her bright eyes gazing ahead, confused, contemplative and moved? She then sent a short message.

“The painful six months and 20 days are finally over. All the friends who came through the rain. Next, I need to rest and get well, because my body has become too thin during this time (bitter laugh).”

Some supporters shouted, “Rest well, Zhou Ting. “Go Zhou Ting.” Voices on the Internet praised the brave young woman: “Chow Ting, Hong Kong’s hero!” ; “The most beautiful Hong Kong goddess!” ; “Brave daughter, a true Hong Konger!”

Some netizens believe that Zhou Ting is in need of a good rest, her road, her partner’s road is still long. Huang Zhifeng and Lin Lang Yan are still in prison. Wong Chi-fung was recently convicted of additional charges: the charge was that he called on people to attend a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park last year to commemorate June 4.