Independent investigation of the source of the new crown: the EU and the UK asked to go to China to re-examine

BRUSSELS, June 10 (Reuters) – Britain and the European Union called on the same day for an independent investigation into the origin of the new crown, with no restrictions on interference in the Chinese investigation.

European Commission President von der Leyen said that “investigators should have full access to any place necessary to find the origins of the pandemic”, and European Council President Charles Michel agreed that “the world should have the right to know what happened in order to learn lessons “.

In the UK, Health Minister Matt Hancock echoed the EU, saying in Parliament that “we must have a completely independent investigation in China to find out any information about the new coronavirus, and that investigation must be free of any restrictions”.

On June 15, the European Union and the United States will hold a summit, and Reuters has obtained a statement related to the summit, which calls for “a transparent, evidence-based investigation into the origin of the new coronavirus, led by WHO experts and free from any interference.