French youth who slapped Macron faces 18 months in jail

On Thursday, June 10, the public prosecutor’s office in Valence, southern France, called for an 18-month prison sentence for Damien Tarell.

The 28-year-old royalist and medieval martial arts enthusiast with long hair and green glasses has admitted to slapping President Macron in Drôme two days ago, explaining that he did it because he “didn’t like the way Macron went up to him and greeted him, didn’t like his electoral tactics He explained that he did it because he “didn’t like the way Macron came up to him, didn’t like his election tactics” and that “Macron represents all that is rotten in France” and that “if I had offered Macron a duel under the sunrise, I don’t think he would have answered the invitation”. Asked why he shouted “Montjoie Saint Denis”, the battle cry of France’s still-monarchical army, after successfully slapping Macron on the left side of his face, he explained that it was because it embodied patriotism. He also shouted “Down with Macronism!” before shouting it.

Prosecutor Alex Perrin said it was “deliberate violence” and “absolutely unacceptable” and feared the man would do it again because “he felt he was filled with a cold determination. .

Damien Tarell is unemployed, lives with his disabled girlfriend and receives welfare payments to get by. His criminal record is blank, and a judicial investigation found that he did not belong to any extreme political or military organization, and friends said he was a hobbyist in martial arts and comics, and enjoyed role-playing, and did not like getting into trouble. But an attack on a public official can carry a maximum sentence of three years in prison and 45,000 euros; prosecutors said the sentence to be handed down to him would be of great public interest and interpretation, even “reverberating in the foreign media”. But Macron himself called again on Thursday to downplay the matter, saying that the social tension in France now, not to the extent of the yellow undershirts, and said he personally feel more, is the vitality of France, and optimism. He also made a speech on the issue of “violence”, saying that the real violence is not this kind of slap, but domestic violence against women, killing women’s partners, which need to be combated nationwide.