Deadly “monkeypox virus” invades the UK! 2 cases of infection found in Wales

The world is ravaged by Wuhan pneumonia, many people died because of the epidemic, and now there is actually another deadly virus, recently there are two cases of infection “Monkeypox virus” (Monkeypox), according to the World Health Organization (WHO) data show that most of the people infected with the virus, the deceased are young groups According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, most of the people infected with the virus died in younger age groups, and the British Health Minister Hancock (Matt Hancock), has also reported the emergence of this virus to Congress.

According to reports from foreign media, the Department of Public Health in Wales has confirmed the discovery of two confirmed cases of exotic monkeypox, the two patients are from the same family, it is now known that one of the patients has been discharged from the hospital, but the authorities did not disclose the details of the two patients and where they were infected, according to reports, the monkeypox virus is mainly in Central and West Africa, and the patients were infected in early May.

Richard Firth, adviser to the Department of Health Protection at the Department of Public Health in Wales, said confirmed cases of monkeypox are still rare in the UK and the risk of infection to the public is very low, and work has been done with many agencies to follow strict protocols and procedures to track all close contacts, and further measures have been taken to minimize the possibility of infection.

The health minister Hancock regarded the situation of this virus as “normal” and stressed that he has been dealing with this kind of outbreak, but he did not reveal how many people are currently infected, nor did he say whether this virus and Wuhan pneumonia as in the UK began to spread, some experts said that the monkeypox virus and smallpox belong to the same 1 type of virus family, but compared to the The disease is much milder, and the chances of infection are very low.

It is reported that the “monkey pox virus” this rare virus will cause the infected person to appear similar to the symptoms of the flu, such as the initial may appear fever, headache, muscle pain and general weakness, etc., in addition to the skin blisters, will first start to grow from the face, and then spread to the whole body, usually by monkeys, rats, squirrels, or other It is usually caused by a virus transmitted by monkeys, rats, squirrels, or other small mammals, and can be transmitted from person to person through skin-to-skin contact, coughing and sneezing, and contaminated objects.