A game a disaster

I remember my first year of junior high school, when the entire Chinese education sector showed a scene of school drought, when students go to school, the school either organized us to learn to work, learn agriculture, or “duck” like let us turn off to play.

One day several students in our class who usually loved to play table tennis got together to put together the desks in the classroom into a table tennis table, and then played a game called “Emperor”, which is a two-person ping pong tournament, the winner of the game in a game can be called the emperor for the emperor, the loser was eliminated, and then by the new students on the field with the If the new student wins the game, he is the new “emperor”, and the old “emperor” is replaced, and if the old “emperor” wins the game, he is the new “emperor”. If the old “emperor” wins the ball, he will continue to keep the “throne”, and that day I was the only woman in this “political campaign for the emperor”.

During the ball game between the two students, the other two students waiting to play were bored, so one of them wrote the words “Chairman Mao” on the classroom blackboard, and before he could write the words “Long Live”, it was his turn to play the ball game, so he He was busy “fighting for the emperor” to go. Another student who was waiting to play a ball game wrote the word “Emperor” not far from the word “Chairman Mao” on the blackboard, which was in fact an unconscious stroke of his.

The two students who wrote on the blackboard forgot to erase their “calligraphy masterpiece” before they went home, and the two of them wrote “Chairman Mao” and “Emperor” on the blackboard respectively. The two of them wrote “Chairman Mao” and “fight for the emperor” on the blackboard, which added up to a very reactionary slogan: Chairman Mao + fight for the emperor = Chairman Mao fight for the emperor.

The next day at school, a student noticed the anti-sign on the blackboard and immediately reported it to the school’s labor propaganda team. The team then immediately reported the case to the police, and soon the student who wrote the words “fight for the emperor” on the blackboard was taken away by the police. At the age of 13, he was probably the youngest “active counter-revolutionary” in China, and the student who made the report was probably the youngest informer in China. In fact, he could not be blamed for making a fuss about betraying his classmates, because he was a product of the political ecology of that era, when everyone was at the forefront of the class struggle, regardless of the children and men.

I wonder what happened to the student who wrote the “anti-label”? I haven’t seen him since the day he was taken away by the police, but I hope he is living in peace now!

This is an extremely absurd thing that happened to me when I was a child.