Many departments unload responsibility for refusing to help Guangxi homeless man died of illness on the street

The Chinese government announced late last year that it had lifted itself out of poverty, but what has happened in reality? Reality tells us that even the disadvantaged in the city have no way to seek help.

Recently, a netizen named “Wang Shu” said he was walking in the streets of Guangxi when he saw a 40-year-old man, who was seriously ill, dying on the side of the street pushing a tricycle that was “collecting rags”. The netizen said that there was a steady stream of people passing by, but no one came forward to help the homeless man, so he bought water and food for him.

Then “Wang Shu” to the police station to seek help from the police, but the police on duty only said “can not have difficulties to the police, you have no breakfast to eat also to find us?” Then he called the hospital, but the hospital said, “It costs money to send an emergency vehicle, unless the homeless man calls a car himself”; he also called the Civil Affairs Bureau to ask for help, but was told that he would not do anything until he was admitted to the hospital first.

Three days later, “Wang Shu” went to bring food to the homeless man and found his tricycle surrounded by a police cordon, and after inquiring, he learned that “the relevant departments had finally come to dispose of his body.”