For more than 100 years, no one can know the magic elixir of medicine

There was an old man who sold medicine, and no one knew his name. When someone asked him, he said that the medicine seller was his real name. Some people saw the medicine seller when they were children, and saw him again in their old age, but his appearance remained the same.

He often carried a large gourd to sell medicine. Some people came to him for medicine to cure their illnesses, and he did not care whether they paid or not, but just gave the medicine to others, and everyone said it worked. Some people were not sick and jokingly went to ask for medicine, even if they got the medicine, it was gone after a while. Therefore, people did not dare to ask him for medicine and respected him like a god. He used to get very drunk in the market and give money to the poor. Some people joked with him and asked, “Do you have any Daidan for sale?” He said, “Yes, I do. One capsule costs a thousand Guan.” People made fun of him and thought he was talking crazy. He used to laugh at people in the city: “If you have money, you don’t buy medicine, you make buns!” No one understood the meaning of his words and laughed at him even more.

Later, when he was selling medicine in Chang’an, there were many people who wanted to buy medicine, and he shook the gourd, but it was empty, and only one pill was poured out. The pill was very large and bright. He put the pill in his palm and said to the people, “I have been selling medicine on earth for more than a hundred years, and I have passed by hundreds of millions of people, but none of them is willing to pay for the medicine. Now I have to eat it myself!” The medicine just into the mouth of the medicine seller, he immediately under the feet of five-colored clouds, floating up, soaring away.