There is always a kind of earth pig makes us cry

First of all, tell an inspiring story.

Once upon a time, there was a gangster in Jiangsu, after dropping out of school and mixed into the grassroots civil service, often sent on official business trips to the capital, once coincided with the top leaders on tour, the scene of the magnitude of the shock to him – in those days there was no road closure vice, he was in the crowd to watch the whole process, could not help but sigh: “Men should be like this! “That’s what men should do!”

Just a year or two later, or Jiangsu, there is a scum and his uncle went to Zhejiang to play, coincided with the highest leader of the tour of Zhejiang, the scum and his uncle at the riverside, saw the procession of the vast, see the end of the banner overshadowed the sky, the highest leader of the mighty, ambition, a sentence out: “I want to replace him! “

Jiangsu hooligans and school scum to make these declarations about the ideal, may just be a moment to be stimulated, or drink a few bottles of beer and a dish of peanuts, but they never thought that only a year later, a young man in Henan who did not go to school, because of the evil law forced to the end of the road, uncovered, on the road of resistance, and Jiangsu school scum and hooligans will be inspired by this young man in Henan, for that supreme ideal and struggle.

Although the young man in Henan did not study, but also set the flag. When he was hired to plant a responsible field, farm work is too tired, once he stopped working in his hands, said to the people working together: “In the future, if anyone gets rich, do not forget the brothers.” All the people laughed at him, saying that our ancestors have been facing the soil, hair a Spartan. Henan youth said with a long sigh, “You birds, how can I understand the aspirations of the phoenix ah!”

Speaking here you should all know: Jiangsu rogue called Liu Bang, Jiangsu dregs called Xiang Yu, influencing them to take the road to revolutionary Henan youth, is Chen Shibu. These three people, previously unknown to each other, the same dream to link them in the same camp, relay the Qin Empire turned over the bottom, but also different degrees to achieve their own ideals in life.

Liu Bang, the young man from Jiangsu who laughed at the end, said he was a rogue and did not hack him at all. Sima Qian wrote about the founding emperor before the revolution in “The Records of the Grand Historian”, and he did not hesitate to say that he “did not work with his family to produce work. When he was strong, he tried to be an official and became the head of the Si Shui Pavilion. He had a taste for wine and sex”.

A serious thing did not do, and later mixed a position equivalent to the police station chief, all day to tease colleagues, life’s three hobbies: smoking, drinking, picking up girls.

The evidence that Xiang Yu is a dregs, also in the “Chronicle of Xiang Yu”: “Xiang Ji when he was young, learning books, to learn sword, and not.”

Other children are literary and physical two flowers, he is good, literary and physical two into dregs. His uncle wanted to chicken him, but he disliked him: “Reading has no use, can write their own names in the future to be able to personally issue documents is enough; learn the sword is also useless, to die for a ten, I want to learn to learn the ten thousand enemies.” His uncle was happy, this kid, really ambition is not small, then learn the art of war.

As a result, the military law also failed the subject.

But no one expected that the dregs of Xiang Yu, who failed in the subject, later turned out to be open, sweeping a thousand armies, and became the famous king of the Western Chu. Although he was finally destroyed by the Han army, he was still honored despite his defeat, and Sima Qian made a special place for him in this chronicle, alongside the Three Kings and Five Emperors, Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han.

Similarly, although Chen Wu also ended up in failure, but after all, he had crowned himself king of Zhang Chu, and was the first person to be credited with the downfall of Qin, so he was able to enter the “Chronicle of History” series of lineage, and was in the same frame with the kings and generals.

Liu Xiang never read, Chen Wu never read, chicken soup, said that the psychological basis to support them to build a successful career, in addition to the ideal, or the ideal, whether this ideal is expressed as ambition or ambition, whether the ideal words are “a great man should be so”, or “he can take and replace it also “, or, more famously, “There is no such thing as a king or a vassal”.

Therefore, the famous philosopher Zhou Xingxing said: “If a person does not have an ideal, with a salted fish what is the difference?”

Although, the anti-chicken soup people do not need to go through the history books can also give more examples to prove that since ancient times there are more ideal young talent, although also passionate, also struggled, and finally all silent and depressed, become more worthless than salted fish, rotten fish, even do not qualify for fish sauce.

But I can still use a write into the college entrance examination essay can add points for the set of words to dislike.

Have the ideal is not necessarily successful, no ideal absolutely can not succeed.

In the biography of Liu Xiang Chen, why did Sima Qian deliberately record their grand words?

Because Sima Qian was also an idealist, and he would rather accept palace torture and live in humiliation for his ideal. It is also because of this that we are able to know that the grandson who castrated the Duke of Tai Shi, that founding great-grandfather of his, turned out to be a great rascal with ideals.

You see, the ideal is such a lovely thing, it can be mocked by others, and in the end, it still deserves respect.

I’m sure you already know what I want to say, yes, it’s the two-day screen, the story of ground pigs and cabbage.

Of course, see that speech video, the first reaction is also discomfort, but soon relieved, and then, is inexplicably sad.

Sorry, because the speaker took the pig self rhetoric, I also follow this thought to take the pig to make an analogy.

We usually always laugh at pigs, willing to live a life of waiting for death, but if there is a maverick pig in the herd, it has more sentiment than its counterparts, hoping that through efforts to jump to a more modern pig pen, where there is more delicious than feed fresh cabbage can be arched – although the end is the same, but the rest of life has enjoyed the arched cabbage sour, is not this also the ideal one?

Why “the book has its own gold house, the book has its own face like a jade” can become a grand inspirational golden words, while “the book has its own tender cabbage” should be ridiculed? The same is the pursuit of quality of life, the pursuit of desire to meet, the essence of how different?

So the problem with that much-criticized speech is not the humble or vulgarity of the speaker’s “ideals,” but rather, what makes this class of young people’s ideals shrink so much and become so humble and vulgar?

In other words, where are the “non-ideals” that are standard for young people? Have they all been crushed in the last year of the last golden age?

The answer is simple: what kind of soil is there, what kind of ideal grows.

What is the reason for the “lay flat” overwhelmingly burst circle, what is the reason for the contemporary school bully want to arch cabbage.

On the surface, lying flat is resigned to fate, arch cabbage is trying to change the fate, in fact, they are one and two sides of the relationship, “arch cabbage” subconsciously, is still subservient to the master: I so hard, but want to change a cleaner living environment, can have fresh cabbage can arch, as long as I can achieve this ideal, I am willing to contribute my Because my whole body is a treasure.

Therefore, it is safer to express such an “ideal” openly to reassure the master, so that the possibility of getting cabbage in the future is greater.

On the contrary, suppose he shouted “I am a pig from the countryside, but also to study for the rise of China”, I am afraid that the unbelief of shouting, listening to the unbelief, shouting is also in vain.

Not to doubt his patriotism, but, sorry, everyone knows that China has risen.

So, shouting “I am a pig from the countryside, but also to do that what the cause of successors”?

It is not impossible, but you have to carry clear, and then to declare that the next is to take over the three shifts of the class, 996 classes.

Can you shout like Liu Xiang Chen? For example, “I am a dirt pig from the countryside, but also to ×××× better serve the people!”

Unless the instructor wants to ruin him so that he can’t even take the college entrance exam.

Back then, Xiang Yu in the crowd of spectators Qin Shi Huang shouted “he can take and replace”, his uncle Xiang Liang’s first reaction was to cover his mouth, said: “No delusion, the family carried on.” Don’t talk nonsense ah, this is to kill the nine clans.

The lord such as Xiang Liang are still so, the other needless to say, you pin, you fine.

So, if the college entrance examination essay is still about the ideal, but still have to use the analogy of a pig can not be, there is not a “cabbage” than the elegant and safe and can add points to the ideal oath?

Of course there is, for example.

I am a pig from the countryside, but I also want to give birth to more piglets for the big city.