The “Kneeling Centrists” Make Revolution

When the people of a country are in danger, it is usually the best opportunity for ambitious politicians to seize power and build up their voice.

Taiwan has been attacked by a mutated virus, people’s lives are in chaos, and people’s hearts are fragile. This month, members of the red column have emerged, and the red media have used even more vicious words. They have gone beyond the rational advice of epidemic prevention.

The politicians with the slogan “Love Taiwan with Vaccines” even took a walk in the rain outside the Presidential Palace, and the tour buses put up “Smart Revolution” banners and honked their horns to go around, implying that they wanted to overthrow the government. No wonder Venerable Shi Zhaohui, a man from outside the party, could not stand it and could not help but criticize these people for their low moral character and willingness to be a dog and horse of the Chinese Communist Party, for blocking Taiwan’s access to international vaccines, for having a family of mouths, for seeing the old folks and shooting them in the back, for the evidence that the old Communist Party wants to kill Taiwanese people, and for spreading it out in the sunlight. This extraordinary period reminds me of the last war of the Communist Party.

The so-called last battle of the Communist Party refers to the Chuan Kang battle, the PLA broke through the Yangtze River defenses, the Kuomintang army all into Sichuan, Xikang, the Sichuan hinterland surrounded by mountains on all sides, Shu Han era, was called by Confucius as the heavenly danger of Sichuan, easy to defend and difficult to attack, Chiang Kai-shek and the United States to assess the strategy of the Kuomintang army into Sichuan, first to stabilize and then counterattack, also think that hold Chuan Kang, the Kuomintang does not necessarily fail, never thought, the Kuomintang 600,000 troops, was Liu Jin, who was personally involved in the war, said in his book “The Last Battle of the Communist Party in 1949”, “Summing up the reasons for the Kuomintang’s defeat, the depth charges of the fifth column came into play”.

The Vaccine Incident Makes the Bulls and Snakes Show Up

What does it mean to be a depth charge? First, willing to be the Chinese Communist Party’s dog and horse, the sounding board, hidden in the Kuomintang internal agents, as many as cattle hair, the second, ready to defect to the old Communist Party, for their future plans of the Kuomintang high cadres, more can be car wear bucket, this group of people talk to the old Communist Party high cadres to interact with the pride, holding relatives to remember the old, this social atmosphere, the Kuomintang defeated to a waste, but by no means accidental.

In the civil war, Chiang Kai-shek first sent his cronies Zhang Qun, as the Southwest Administrator, unified military affairs, later replaced by Gu Zhutong, deputy Hu Zongnan, these senior Party officials commanded by the legions, almost a large number of red depth charges with military power, such as Deng Xihou, Liu Wenhui, the war has not yet begun, these people have been brainwashed, not anti-Communist, and has long been prepared for the future, ready to choose the period with a gun to turn back, understand, is At that time, the largest media in Chengdu, “West China Daily”, the boss belongs to the League of Democrats, completely ignoring the Kuomintang, the chief writer Yang Bokai is the Communist Party, every day scolded the Kuomintang, praise for the Communist Party, was suspended from publication, the nature of the dead, and engaged in the “West China Evening News”, began to scold the Kuomintang is not democratic, not to give freedom of speech. At that time, the people of Sichuan had already surrendered to the old Communist Party, the 600,000-strong Kuomintang army could only surrender in droves, and Chuan Kang changed its banner.

The vaccine incident is a demon-spotting mirror, leading to Taiwan’s internal cattle and snakes, the loss of Chuan Kang land, but also the rule of thumb of history, the power of the pen is greater than the sword, the old Communist Party is the most powerful is infiltration, psychological cognitive combat, to this set, but the key is still in the hands of the people of Taiwan, the face of the sudden explosion of the epidemic, to look at the normal mind, good self-protection, do not believe in rumors, so as not to lose the old life, but also lost Taiwan.