War wolves become pandas: a big mistake has been made, it’s too late to repent!

Xi Jinping presided over the Politburo meeting and invited Zhang Weiwei, the “master of silkworms”, to give advice on China’s big foreign propaganda. Xi enlightened the Politburo members: “We should focus on grasping the tone, be open and confident as well as humble and modest, and strive to build a credible, lovable and respectable image of China.” “To widely promote China’s ideas, Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions, China is increasingly approaching the center of the world stage, has the ability and responsibility to play a greater role in global affairs, together with other countries to make a greater contribution to solving the problems of all mankind.”

The only thing that is new is the sudden call for “humility and modesty” and the creation of a “credible, lovable and respectable” image of China. Such a “high-level” change of face has led some overseas commentaries to declare that the CCP’s “war wolf diplomacy” will be adjusted to “panda diplomacy”.

The U.S. is working with the Chinese Communist Party on all sides

The CCP’s “war wolf diplomacy” is based on the CCP’s overall misjudgment of the domestic and international situation. The CCP believes that the Communist ideology has the opportunity to be widely spread around the world, the CCP’s national strength has the ability to dominate the world, and the CCP’s culture has the strength to influence all countries. conclusion. These misjudgments have enabled the CCP to build up an “excessive” self-confidence, and to go around and become self-absorbed.

Universal values are the trend of the times, and communism is at the end of its rope, how can it be widely accepted in the world? Although China is a strong country, the advanced countries in the West have a strong foundation and will be able to unite once they wake up. The dictatorial culture of the CCP is against human nature, how can it compete with the diversified and free cultures of other countries?

The diplomacy of the war wolves has repeatedly kicked the iron plate, but the Chinese Communist Party does not know the pain, kicking again and again, kicking with great joy. It is not until today that the world has turned its back on the Chinese Communist Party and it has fallen into the predicament of being in trouble on all sides that it comes to reflect on the war-wolf diplomacy.

At the beginning of the trade negotiations between the U.S. and China, if the Chinese Communist Party had weighed the strength of both sides and adopted a pragmatic attitude, the U.S. and China ended peacefully, there would not have been a series of subsequent decoupling; the new pneumonia spread around the world, if the Chinese Communist Party had been good to people, accepting international investigations and not framing the U.S. military for spreading poison, it would not have been a bad relationship with other countries; the EU was in a mood with the U.S., if the Chinese Communist Party had not badmouthed each other, the China-Europe Investment Agreement would not have been broken. Now the EU is turning its back, ASEAN is chilled, the US is working together, the CCP has no relatives, and the war wolf is walking into a swamp, looking around in confusion.

Today, if you put on another face, suddenly become “modest” to the outside world, try to show yourself “credible, lovely and respectable”, suddenly become kind-hearted, gentle, smiling everywhere, bowing to everyone, how to turn around this body? Will it be too “nuclear”? How to maintain the minimum dignity of the CCP in the international arena? How to explain to the domestic nationalist pinkies? It is very ugly to make a turn, but if you make a big turn and your posture is ugly enough, but the road is still not going to work in the end, then the turn is not a waste of time?

Hegemony ambitions exposed, threatening the world order

The hostility of Western countries toward the CCP is not due to the war-wolf diplomacy, which is only a superficial phenomenon, but more fundamentally to the CCP’s ambition to dominate the world. Diplomacy is inevitably a battle of words. Yang Jiechi was so misbehaving in the U.S.-China talks, but Blinken did not move his voice in return. The most important thing is to abide by international rules, not to be subservient, not to be overbearing, and to have a way in and a way out, but to be evil in appearance is just to “beg people to hate”.

The ambition of the Chinese Communist Party is to move to the center of the world, to promote the Chinese model and Chinese solutions until the liberation of all mankind, which is the ultimate threat to the original world order dominated by the United States and Europe. In other words, even if the CCP puts down its stance today and painfully changes its war-wolf diplomacy, the US and European countries will not give up.

The Chinese Communist Party has never practiced wolf diplomacy in its history. Mao Zedong, when faced with the threat of the Soviet Union, did not hesitate to make amends with his arch-rival, the United States, and implement the “distant friendship” theory, and put forward the “Third World” theory to bring in many small brothers; in the hands of Deng Xiaoping, he deliberately sent autumn waves to the United States, emphasizing that the economic development of all countries friendly with the United States is very good; Jiang Zhu and Hu Wen dynasties both tried to keep a low profile to reduce External friction. A country’s diplomacy is equal to the country’s public relations, there is never public relations to offend people as a good thing, but such as the country’s major policy “set in one”, one set the war wolf diplomacy, no one dares to sing a counter-key. All the civil servants are waiting for Yizun to revise his course, and Yizun is waiting for the United States to kneel down to prove its wisdom, so wait again and again, and finally wait for the unmanageable situation – a big mistake has been made, and the past cannot be recovered.

Whether the CCP really gives up the diplomacy of war wolves can only be seen in the future, and even if it gives up from now on, it will not have the power to return to heaven.