Internet users banned from talking about the epidemic in Guangdong

A confirmed Newcastle pneumonia patient in Guangzhou, Zhu, was recently placed in criminal detention for concealing a history of contact with another Newcastle pneumonia patient. In addition, several netizens in Guangzhou and Shantou were accused of “spreading rumors about the epidemic” and were sentenced to administrative detention. People complained that they could not talk about the epidemic and that the information was controlled by a single source.

According to Xinhua News Agency, at a press conference of the Guangzhou Municipal Government on Monday (8), Yang Bingsheng, deputy director of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, informed that several cases of violation of the regulations related to epidemic prevention and control were recently investigated and punished according to the law. Among them, on May 25, Zhu, who lives in Beilian Village, Dashi Street, Panyu District, went to visit his parents in a district in Baihe Dong Street, Liwan District, where his parents had been identified as confirmed cases of New Crown Pneumonia. Zhu later went to the hospital with cough and fever symptoms, but Zhu did not truthfully inform the doctor of his travel history within the last 14 days, concealing the fact that he had been in contact with a confirmed case and was later diagnosed with New Crown pneumonia. At present, Zhu is suspected of obstructing the prevention and control of infectious diseases, has been detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law criminal detention.

In addition, the Guangzhou police also reported that a resident Feng fabricated information about his roommate being diagnosed with Newcastle pneumonia and sent it to his sister. After investigation, Feng’s roommate was not infected with New Crown pneumonia. At present, Feng has been administratively detained.

Wuhan netizen Mr. Guo told the station that Chinese netizens have absolutely no say in the outbreak:

“Officially, there are only a dozen confirmed cases (tomorrow), saying that there are 170,000 health care workers in Guangzhou, which should be enough to treat these patients, so why are they still mobilizing 6,500 health care workers from overseas to support Guangzhou. People say two sentences also detained. Now it just won’t let the people speak, no way, the people can’t speak.”

Ms. Liu, a Beijing resident, said Chinese netizens were banned from talking about the epidemic:

“Now with the epidemic, you can’t tell the truth. If you tell the truth, as long as someone reposts it, you’re finished. It proves that they (the government) are afraid of the truth. They are very tightly sealed and won’t let you tell the truth.”

The police informed that on June 6, Guangzhou Conghua District suburban police station public security intends to a local hotel occupants Xiao mou on-site nucleic acid testing. Xiao first refused to open the door to cooperate, and then attacked the police with an iron fork. On May 31, Ji, a resident of Hailong Street in Liwan District, attempted to rush the epidemic prevention and control zone. He was criminally detained for assaulting the police and auxiliary police who stopped him from rushing the card.

In the Shantou area, a netizen was administratively detained for allegedly spreading rumors involving the epidemic on WeChat. The Shantou Daily reported that recently, Chaonan police investigated and dealt with two rumors about the epidemic, and two men involved were administratively detained by the public security authorities according to the law.

Netizen accused of testing positive for nucleic acid and was detained

According to the report, on June 1, a netizen from Xiaoshan Street, Zhuang Moulin, made inappropriate comments about the epidemic in a WeChat group by way of voice. On June 5, another local netizen, Zhou Muyue, was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention for posting false statements about his positive nucleic acid test in a WeChat group.
Legal scholar Li Lin said in an interview with the station:

“The trend of control is becoming more and more obvious, and their control is to take all the power back to the party. The people can only get information from him in one way, and they can only listen to them in one way, and they can’t discuss or publish information. The people can’t actually participate in the supervision and management of public affairs and actually control everything.”

Some netizens complained to this station that even a speech by former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at a meeting of Chinese and foreign journalists at the National People’s Congress about political system reform was recently banned from dissemination. Some netizens said that the so-called no rumor; no disbelief; no rumor; proposed by the police is purely an excuse to control public opinion.