Did the students who had supported the Hong Kong Police Force’s “Ben Hur” protest get beaten up and woke up?

Recently there are Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces under the University of independent colleges, by the authorities asked to merge with vocational schools, triggering large-scale student protests, a large number of police arrived to suppress and beat students. From the microblogging records, a number of students involved in this protest had criticized the Hong Kong protesters and strongly supported the Hong Kong police to maintain stability two years ago. So, did they wake up to the iron fist of the Chinese police this time?

China’s Ministry of Education has been promoting the restructuring of independent colleges in recent years, and on June 4 it issued a public notice on the proposed establishment of undergraduate higher education institutions, announcing plans to merge independent colleges under 13 universities and turn them into “vocational and technical universities. The private undergraduate colleges with tuition fees of tens of thousands of yuan were forced to downgrade to “vocational undergraduates” who might not be able to take civil service exams and face discrimination in job hunting, and this was done in a way that deprived the public of the right to know and express their opinions, leading to a large number of sit-ins, marches and petitions.

As of June 9, the education departments of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Jiangxi provinces have issued announcements that the merger and transfer program is suspended, not terminated. China’s Ministry of Education announced on June 7 that vocational and technical universities are still on the same level as regular undergraduate universities, stressing that schools that complete the transfer will follow the principle of “old ways for old people and new ways for new people.

According to Gu Guoping, a retired teacher from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, the student movement has achieved a milestone victory and the Chinese authorities should avoid escalating social conflicts with violence, “decades of brainwashing education have been wasted and they have come to their senses all of a sudden, just like the crackdown on retired soldiers two years ago. You use primitive means of repression, tanks and machine guns do not work. The more you use violence, the faster the death. International and domestic tensions are so tense that once they erupt, they will collapse at once.”

Two years ago, he insulted “Hong Kong’s abolitionist youth”, and now he is criticized as “a traitor with three books”

On June 9, 2019, 1.03 million Hong Kong citizens flooded the streets as the anti-revision movement broke out. In June this year, the Zhejiang school tide reproduced “five major demands, the lack of one”, including a complete halt to the transfer of vocational school; ban retaliation against students; the Secretary of the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province resignation to take the blame; thorough investigation of Zhejiang police violence law enforcement; Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Oriental College to a college.

From the record of microblogging posts, a number of students who participated in this protest had criticized the Hong Kong protesters and strongly supported the Hong Kong police to maintain stability. Now, online videos show police from various provinces using the same iron fist, holding mainland students down, beating their heads to the ground, spraying chili water in the eyes, pulling girls’ hair, and surrounding them with batons.

On June 8, the Danyang Public Security Bureau issued a police report saying that the dean of the North Central College of Nanjing Normal University had been illegally detained for 30 hours and then rescued by police, which was refuted by the students’ evidence: the dean himself came to the students voluntarily to wait for the results.

The netizen “Xiao Chen Wanshiya” posted a recording on Weibo, which was quickly blocked. He said he had the entire video recording, Changqing Dean said: “I stayed with the students until the matter was resolved”, the students handed him water and food, playing umbrella fan, take the initiative to contact the Danyang Daily, surging news and other land media interviews, but were refused.

Stacey Xiaoyun, a student at Henglin College of Nantong University, received a number of threatening private messages, saying, “How dare you tell people to study more when you studied more history back then, and now you’re being brainwashed by the nourishing oil people. “and hk waste green the same means, the same organization, the same style”, “Yan Ge waste green, will die. Perverted anti-traitors, disgusting.”

The school wave protest also spread to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hanlin College, Nanjing Normal University Zhongbei College, Jiangsu University Jingjiang College, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology Hangzhou Business School, China University of Metrology Institute of Modern Science and Technology, and so on.

The station contacted a number of students from the colleges involved and did not respond to interview requests as of press time. The wall of social media emerged with a large number of accusatory posts, calling on students to be wary of forces outside the country, forbidding the posting of videos and the passing of knives to the Taiwanese and American media, otherwise the efforts of many days will be ruined.

Ten years of enlightenment is not as good as a fat beating?

Some netizens asked a student named “Li Kai Chan is not as tall as I am” in a private message on Weibo, “Have you ever scolded the abolitionist youth in Hong Kong? Do you support the Hong Kong police now?”

The other party responded, “Don’t you think it’s funny to mix the two together? We just want our rightful Pupen.” The blogger then deleted the posting of the North Central College students being brutally beaten by police to the point of bleeding, and urgently clarified his political stance :

“I feel that the world that I have seen for more than ten years of my life is suddenly torn open, and there are too many darknesses and aggressions that I have not seen before…This is also a lesson taught by society after staying in the ivory tower for too long…There is no need for patriots to catch me sniping, and there is no need for people with ulterior motives to come, I am Chinese and I love my country.”

“If politics were involved, the incident was put to rest straight away. They don’t want to make a big deal and subvert the country, they just want to protect their own interests. Students are very concerned about immediate interests, including me. Inside the volume, it’s all about fighting for your own illusions and interests.” A Chang student in Shandong Province, who did not want to release his real name, told the station that group enlightenment requires a generation to endure the pain of stepping over the thorns and rounds of passing, but many students give up within a few days of resistance, while most of their peers in other schools are watching indifferently or sneering.

“Chinese education is the law of the jungle, success or failure, other undergraduate students think: you are on the third grade, you are almost dead, almost lying flat, still so many ideas, still stand up for what?”

Although the current incident of students fighting for their degrees coincides with the anniversaries of June 4 and Hong Kong’s anti-sending to China, a young mainlander, Mr. Wang, who followed the incident closely but declined to be named for security reasons, told this station that it was too extravagant to elevate it to the age of enlightenment and awakening, and that they only dared to target capitalists and school leaders.

“China’s information blockade and manipulation of public opinion have created an information cocoon for contemporary youth. This, coupled with the traditional left-wing narrative, has implanted in their minds the concept of a delusional capital. The influence of multiple factors has caused these college students, whose self-interests have been severely damaged, to be beaten up in an inexplicable state, and the more they are beaten the more they do not wake up.”

Mr. Wang pointed out that the essential difference between Hong Kong students and these students is that one is a living person and the other is a dummy. For the brain-controlled “dummies”, their brains are full of programs designed by the Communist Party, like skeleton soldiers summoned by necromancers and programmed robots. When the dummy’s personal interests are compromised, it may short-circuit for a while, but it doesn’t take long to justify itself and turn back.

The number of college graduates and college entrance exams in China this year are 9.09 million and 10.78 million respectively, a record high. To smoothly promote vocational education and general education to enjoy the same status, the Vocational Education Law recently ushered in the first overhaul in 25 years, calling for strengthening the leadership of the Party, promoting diversified schooling, promoting the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation, and so on.
“Whether you are an undergraduate, a specialist, or a vocational school, in short, one thing, you must have the ability to think independently, you must have a personality, you cannot be a meek, obedient robot, you are a living human being.” Gu Guoping called for the Chinese Communist Party’s university system to serve slaves, and for students to reflect on brainwashing education from this incident, to kowtow to the system’s ills from personal trauma, to go over the wall more often to seek the truth, and to turn grief and anger into action.