Beijing total mobilization for the centennial party celebration, scholars say to increase cohesion in response to external pressure

The Communist Party of China will hold a drill in Tiananmen Square this Saturday (12) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1. According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, all major streets and parks within 500 meters of Tiananmen Square will be closed at that time. Beijing scholars believe that the authorities want to take this opportunity to unite the public in response to external pressure.

According to a notice issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, as quoted by the Beijing Daily, a drill of the core elements of the 100th anniversary of the Party will be held in the Tiananmen Square area and along Chang’an Street from June 12 to June 13. To ensure the safe and smooth conduct of the exercise, the authorities have decided to impose traffic control measures on the Tiananmen Square area and related roads at different times and in different sections.

Beijing dissident Cha Jianguo said in an interview with this channel on Thursday that the Communist Party’s July 1 celebration has been a major event in recent years, and all political activities have been centered on the party’s anniversary since the beginning of the year.

“This year’s July 1, definitely need to celebrate a great deal, in front of Tiananmen Square activities that is the Chinese Communist Party since the founding of the political 70 years, there has never been a large-scale celebration. Of course, this celebration began last year, to learn the history of the Party. Organizations at all levels, media mobilization, the scale is unprecedented.”

Cha added that the authorities hope to take this opportunity to increase the public’s cohesiveness towards the CPC.

“An important event in the current new cold war between the U.S.-led West and China as a way to consolidate the Party’s leadership.”

According to the closed roads announced by the Beijing Public Security Bureau, for the entire day of June 12, the east and west sides of Tiananmen Square, the streets surrounding the Forbidden City, Chang’an Street at the main gate of Zhongnanhai and the streets on both sides, Zhongshan Park and the Palace of Laborers’ Culture were closed to traffic without special permits.

Foreigners focus on party’s retired senior officials to appear on party day

Beijing-based dissident Jifeng told the station that Beijing, the heart of the centennial party celebration, will have a number of retired senior officials in attendance.

“They are celebrating mainly in six regions, Zunyi all of them, Jinggang Mountain, Yan’an, Xibaipo and Jiaxing South Lake. Those bigwigs make an appearance right on the Tiananmen City Tower. It was some elementary school students wearing red scarves performing, presumably. In the external broadcast of the scene, it is estimated that a few bigwigs will not go, absent.”

Beijing launched an operation to clear the visitors at the end of last month

To ensure that the event is foolproof, the operation to clear the foreign population was carried out in various towns in the suburbs of Beijing from May 22. A visitor in Fengtai District told this reporter.

“On the 20th of May, they all started to check and arrest people. The public security authorities in the household registration area entrusted the Beijing public security authorities to go door-to-door to look for the visitors, telling them to go back and return to Beijing after the seventh day. The police went to the rental agency to check, to the workplace to check. June 6 caught back, after July 1 back.”

In Beijing and Chengdu, some people were notified by public security that they were to be taken on a trip on the eve of July 1. Writer Mr. Tan told the station that he was greeted and could not be interviewed.

“I was greeted on June 1 and had to wait until after ‘July 1’, so I can’t comment on anything else for now.”

On March 23, the CPC Central Committee announced that on July 1, it would hold a conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in the name of the “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,” and that General Secretary Xi Jinping would make a declaration on future policies.