U.S. military landed in Taiwan Xi Jinping visited Qinghai in the great northwest

On Sunday, a U.S. military plane landed at Taipei airport with three U.S. senators on board, and just when Beijing was waiting to see how it would respond, it turned out that Xi Jinping had already visited Qinghai on Monday afternoon and did not stay in Beijing to hold an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures.

People’s Daily reported that Xi went to Qinghai Shengyuan Carpet Group Co., Ltd. in Xining City on June 7 to learn about the enterprise’s reliance on the advantages of local raw material resources, innovative design concepts, enhance product competitiveness, and drive the employment of the masses to increase income. Xi then went to the Wenhuilu Street Wenting Lane community to examine the community’s efforts to strengthen grassroots party building, improve grassroots governance and promote national unity and progress.

In a press conference at the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday, spokesman Wang Wenbin only said that he “has made serious representations to the U.S. side”, mentioning only that “relevant members of the U.S. Congress visited Taiwan” and never mentioned that the U.S. military aircraft landed in Taiwan.