Wall Street Journal: U.S. national laboratory had concluded that the new crown virus may come from Wuhan laboratory

Further U.S. media reports say a U.S. national laboratory concluded a year ago through genetic analysis that the assumption that the new coronavirus came from a laboratory in Wuhan is plausible and should be further investigated.

The Wall Street Journal on Monday (June 7, 2021) quoted people familiar with the classified documents as saying that the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California made the conclusion in a confidential report completed last May.

Last month, on May 3, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group released an exclusive news release that also said Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s intelligence division, the “Z Division “(Z Division) completed a confidential report on May 27, 2020, stating that researchers in the division evaluated both possibilities for the origin of the New Crown pandemic, namely laboratory leakage and natural zoonotic evolution, and concluded that the New Crown virus may have originated in a laboratory in China.

Shortly after this report was published, President Biden announced that he was asking the intelligence community to “redouble its efforts” to investigate the origin of the New Coronavirus and to submit a report within 90 days.

Some Republicans in Congress have expressed frustration that the Biden administration did not make clear it would investigate the possibility of a leak at the Wuhan virus lab until months after it had the classified documents in its possession, and have demanded that the classified documents be declassified, including one that allegedly shows three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virus were sickened in November 2019, on the eve of a pandemic.

The White House said Monday that the U.S. will not give up on tracing the origins of the new coronavirus, and that President Biden will raise the issue at a summit on the issue during his visit to Europe this week.

A day earlier, Secretary of State John Blinken reiterated in a media interview that the U.S. is determined to pursue the source of the new coronavirus “thoroughly” while holding China accountable.

Blinken said that “China is still not giving us the transparency that we need” and “is not giving international inspectors and experts the ease or the immediate information sharing that they should have.

Beijing has consistently rejected U.S. and Western representations about the traceability of the new coronavirus, saying the claims were political hype.