Classroom teachers

Some information shows that the production of Mao’s badge up to 4 billion pieces, I do not know whether this number is accurate? At that time, I saw my brother and sister saved dozens of Mao badges, I could not help but envy.

I remember one day in 1966 at four or five o’clock in the morning, a few of us red soldiers got up early to go to the store to line up to buy a medallion made of red plastic, the medallion printed with: “for the people” handwriting, the five words were painted in gold. When several of us went to the store early that morning to line up to buy the medallion, we forgot all about the task we had been given by the school to look after the wife of a former KMT officer at the school.

This former KMT officer’s wife was named Li Wenyun, a beautiful and gentle woman who was my language teacher and classroom teacher. At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, the school organized teachers to criticize her regularly and forced her to hand over the enemy radio station.

That year, after Chiang’s defeat in Taiwan, her husband went to the other side of the Strait, and that day she missed the ocean liner to Taiwan, so she has been separated from her husband and has been alone ever since. When she was criticized during the Cultural Revolution, the school leaders demanded that she hand over the enemy radio station, but in fact she didn’t have it at all.

This time, after she was criticized on the first day, the school leaders asked us Red Guards to keep an eye on her and forbid her to talk and move around. The next morning, we were so busy lining up to buy the Mao medallion that Ms. Li Wenyun jumped into the school pond while we were buying the medallion and killed herself!

When we returned to school with a “Service to the People” medallion in our hands, we learned that Ms. Li Wenyun had committed suicide by jumping into the water. I could not help but be shocked, rushed to the pond to see what happened, only to see her bowed body, face buried in the water motionless. I could not help but see the tears in my eyes, and I forgot that she was our class enemy, and I felt deeply remorseful for not watching her because I was only concerned about buying the medallion.

Afterwards, the school buried Ms. Li Wenyun hastily, but the principal Lu Yongfu, who shouted at her during the criticism meeting and forced her to hand over the enemy telegraph station, felt no shame or remorse. According to his logical reasoning: back then Li Wenyun did not go to Taiwan must be a latent female spy; latent female spy must have an enemy telegraph station; have an enemy telegraph station must keep in touch with her husband who went to Taiwan; keep in touch with her husband must provide each other with intelligence to counter-attack the mainland ……

The imagination of President Lu was too rich back then. I wonder if the President Lu, who carries a debt of conscience named Yongfu, will really be “Yongfu” in the future.

To be honest, when I think back on it, I’m always torn inside because whenever I think of the time she killed herself (although she was forced to kill herself not by me), I still feel guilty and uneasy for not being able to watch her that day.