Good employees should not have the status of off-duty

I have a friend who was previously on a small start-up team. The team members all know each other, and usually play together. In the morning to work to greet each other, morning ah, come ah. In the evening after work is also the first bang a cleanup, the computer and bits and pieces put in the bag, put on the jacket, backpack, near the workplace to say a round of bye, go ah home or something.

Then he joined a big company and everything changed.

First of all, we all know that off duty is actually a wrong thing, a really good employee should not have off duty this state. Under, you are not saturated.

Under this guiding principle, off duty became particularly magical.

At first he still like before, pack up, and nearby colleagues to say hello to say they are off duty. Slowly he stopped doing so, because it was found that this company has another set of processes after work.

Have you seen that horror movie? On a street was full of people, the protagonist lowered a head and then looked up, and suddenly the whole street is empty. Their side of the end of the day is like this, you do not know who is the time to go. Anyway, the office is getting empty. Corporate culture.

The vast majority of people just suddenly stood up and walked away, you think he had to go to the bathroom, in fact, he left work. Computer are not brought, really want to go home to work if there is a home.

And many people will create the illusion in order to cover their tracks. One time they want to find a colleague, see him late back to the office, another colleague pinch a finger, said this person should be off work. He said it is impossible, this person down jacket is still on the chair, down jacket are not wearing how to get off work, will freeze to death outside it.

After waiting for a night, the next day I saw people wearing another down jacket to work. The down jacket was placed on the workstation to create the illusion that the person was still there.

It’s amazing, walking around the work area in the middle of the night and finding that everyone has put a lot of thought into it, and it’s all a blindfold. For example, the computer that never sleeps, always dancing in the work area light. Put an open bag on the table, as if this is their daily use of the bag. Put a spare home key ah, put a spare car keys ah, no key how can go right. The list goes on and on.

They once envisioned the design of a glass of water with a built-in dry ice tank, which can control the concentration of dry ice gas to achieve a state where “you don’t care what time you look, you see a glass of water on the table with hot gas”. Conan came to feel that this person was just here.

In the morning to work is also, must sit down and start office, as if they did not leave all night, just to go to the toilet for twelve hours as natural.

You really can’t carry a backpack, the bag of such external things, carry you passive, you carry a bag from the workstation click a station up, who does not know what you want to do? You do not let people figure it out? What must be packed in the bag of things?

Do things to give yourself leeway. As long as the backpack is not, ask is walking downstairs, immediately back.

What kind of people are forced into.