Japan-U.S. Vaccine Helps Taiwan, Chinese Communist Party Loses Another Battle

Taiwan’s epidemic prevention report card has finally broken after holding on to its record of excellence for more than a year, and the situation has not improved recently, and as a result, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been under unprecedented political pressure.

The main reason for Taiwan’s epidemic prevention negligence is that the epidemic prevention score is not easy to grasp. Taiwan is not like the mainland, which does not care about the life and death of its people, and will violently control the slightest hint of it, closing areas and cities, and doing everything possible. Taiwan is a democratically elected government, so it is impossible to take care of people’s lives as well as possible while preventing epidemics.

In a democratic country, the work of epidemic prevention is always faced with the problem of how tight or loose it should be. Too tight affects the economy and people’s livelihood, while too loose may lead to the loss of previous achievements. Taiwan’s epidemic prevention department made a mistake by negligently testing the inbound flight personnel, which led to a big mistake.

After the epidemic was lost, the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party’s agents were so lucky that the Chinese Communist Party was so “kind” as to provide a domestic vaccine, and the Kuomintang and the Red political groups and media in Taiwan made a campaign to stigmatize the DPP government. The DPP government may not have made every effort to purchase the vaccine in the early days, but only when the matter became serious did it go out to make efforts, and by then it was already lagging behind, and with the obstruction of the CCP and pro-communist political forces, it was even more passive.

The U.S. government did not estimate the plight of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at the beginning and was lazy in providing the vaccine in an emergency, but the U.S. realized the seriousness of the situation only when the public sentiment in Taiwan began to change and civil discontent with the DPP rose. Therefore, Japan was promoted first, and the U.S. itself hastened to make up for the wok, so that the critical situation of the DPP was eased.

Before the 1.24 million doses of Japanese vaccines arrived in Taiwan by air, Taiwan’s representative in Japan, Hsieh Chang-ting, discussed with the U.S. and Japanese top officials in person, and Tsai Ing-wen also made a personal phone call. During the airlift of the vaccines, it was rumored that U.S. warplanes flew along to escort them, all of which demonstrated the close cooperation between the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, not just in epidemic prevention, but in all-round and in-depth cooperation.

It is impossible for the U.S. to sit back and watch Taiwan’s epidemic prevention go awry. A company specializing in chip packaging has been affected by an infection among its employees. If Taiwan’s chip production is disrupted, the first victims will be the U.S. and Japan, so Taiwan can’t afford to lose out, that’s for sure.

In terms of global strategy, Taiwan can’t afford to lose to the U.S. and Japan either. Once the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is out of power and the people’s hearts are changed, the next presidential election may be lost to the KMT. Although the KMT is already half crippled, if the DPP falls into a trough and the KMT takes advantage of the situation to rise again, it will at least pose a great threat. The US and Japan are unlikely to sit back and watch the DPP lose its ruling position. If the KMT regains power, it is the same as the CCP gaining half of the ruling power, which is the same as the US and Japan losing Taiwan, a key link in the first island chain.

The CCP took advantage of the seriousness of the epidemic in Taiwan to offer vaccine diplomacy and use the pro-communist forces on the island to make waves in an attempt to use public sentiment to force the DPP into line. Once the DPP is forced by the situation to import the CCP vaccine, it will be tantamount to the CCP opening a gap and taking the opportunity to intervene in Taiwan’s politics, which will have a profound impact on Taiwan’s public opinion.

The DPP government did not give an inch at the critical moment and insisted on resisting social pressure to never relent on the CCP vaccine issue. The reason is that the CCP vaccine itself is unreliable. If you take the CCP vaccine, not only is it ineffective in preventing the disease, but it also gives a false impression that you are negligent and more likely to be trapped.

In addition, accepting the Chinese Communist vaccine is the same as opening a gap for the Chinese Communist forces to drive straight in, and then the pro-Communist forces will build momentum again, and the DPP will be in a passive position, and will fall into a crisis of governance.

The DPP is under great pressure to adhere to its principles, and finally waited for the vaccine from Japan and the United States to come to its aid, which is also to keep the clouds open to see the moon. Since then, the vaccine will be replenished in a steady stream, and since Japan and the United States have given the first batch, they must continue to receive assistance until the vaccination work in Taiwan is brought up to standard, otherwise, won’t the previous efforts be in vain?

The 750,000 doses of vaccines from the U.S. aid to Taiwan will arrive immediately afterwards, and it can be expected that half of this difficult hurdle for Taiwan has already passed, while the Chinese Communist Party’s shady mentality of buying the hearts and minds of Taiwan has once again lost its footing before the horse.

What’s more, the U.S. has used a military transport plane to pick up three members of Congress during their visit to Taiwan, which is a serious slap in the face to the Chinese Communist Party while strengthening the mutual visits between the U.S. and Taiwan. The use of military transport aircraft is a clear demonstration to the Chinese Communist Party: military aircraft are free to take off and land, and actions to challenge the Chinese Communist Party are coming one after another. Global Daily News has put down a harsh word, saying that the day the U.S. military aircraft landed in Taiwan is the day of war between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, now the U.S. military aircraft came, the Chinese Communist Party to fight or not?

The U.S. approach is to take its time, each time the action is small, but all are approaching the bottom line of the Chinese Communist Party, the accumulation of numerous small actions, is a very big action. The CCP’s bottom line is that Taiwan is not allowed to become independent, but there is still a lot to be done above the bottom line of Taiwan’s independence. How about the U.S. establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan? How about the U.S. pushing for Taiwan to join the UN affiliated agencies, or even to join the UN?

The Chinese Communist Party wants to compete with the United States for world domination, so let’s get Taiwan first.