Fudan Academy’s Party Secretary Killed Why is the Chinese Communist Party so secretive?

According to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Cultural Protection Branch, a knife murder case occurred at a university on Handan Road in Shanghai’s Yangpu District just after 2 p.m. on June 7, 2021. “The suspect Jiang (male, 39, a teacher at the university) has been arrested and the victim Wang (male, 49, a colleague of Jiang’s) has died.”

Although the Communist Party of China’s announcement blinked, but according to informed sources, the outside world has confirmed that the hacking incident occurred in the School of Mathematics of Fudan University, the perpetrator is the young teacher Jiang Wenhua, the school was stabbed in the throat and died is the party secretary of the school Wang Yongzhen.

Why are the words “Fudan University” and “party secretary” so taboo to the Chinese Communist Party?

This vicious bloodbath occurred at two critical points in time.

First, in order to expand its influence in Hungary and the European Union, the Chinese Communist Party signed a strategic agreement between Fudan University and the Hungarian government just over a month ago, on April 27, to open a Fudan campus in Budapest by 2024. Once completed, the campus will be the first Chinese university campus to be established by the CCP in one of the 27 member states of the European Union.

The Hungarian government agreed to pay for the $1.9 billion campus with a loan from the Chinese Communist Party (based on the “Belt and Road” investment model), but the decision was met with strong opposition from dignitaries and the public.

It is worth noting that at the end of 2019, Fudan University revised its charter, removing “freedom of thought” from the preamble; “academic independence” was also inserted after the new term “patriotic dedication”; and the new charter was significantly amended to include the words “freedom of thought” and “academic independence”. “academic independence” has been inserted after the new term “patriotic dedication”; at the same time, the ideological content of the Communist Party of China, such as “party”, “socialism” and “new era”, has been significantly added.

On Saturday (June 5), Budapest’s opposition mayor Karácsony Gergely said that Fudan University’s regulations “require it to represent the worldview of the Chinese Communist Party. We see a very serious national security risk in this investment”. On the same day, thousands of Hungarians took to the streets to protest the opening of a Fudan campus in Budapest, accusing the Hungarian government of bending the knee to the Chinese Communist Party. Under the pressure, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor relented, and his staff revealed on June 6 that a referendum would be held on whether to build a Fudan campus.

This was followed by a murder at Fudan University on June 7. Naturally, the Chinese Communist Party fears that this scandal will become known to the outside world and that the “regulations” and “philosophy” of Fudan University will be more strongly opposed by the Hungarian public, so that the Communist Party’s attempts to infiltrate the EU through Fudan University will be on the verge of being shattered.

Second, the CCP has been busy preparing for the “Centennial Party Celebration” in recent months amidst boiling public discontent. On May 22, a young man driving a BMW in Dalian rammed into passersby, killing five and injuring five; on May 24, a man blew up in front of the government compound in Fuxin, Liaoning province. On May 25, a 66-year-old man in Nanyang City, Henan Province, beat students with a stick, injuring 14; on May 28, a man in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, hacked five elementary school students with a knife; on the evening of May 29, a middle-aged man in Nanjing drove his car into people and hacked them with a knife; on June 5, a man in Anqing City, Anhui Province, with a knife indiscriminately On June 5, a man with a knife in Anqing City, Anhui Province, killed five people and injured 15 others.

Before people could recover from the panic, there was another murder case in Fudan, a famous school, on June 7. If we look at the individual, the loss of life is undoubtedly deplorable. But because the subject of the murder was the “party secretary,” social media tweets were largely overwhelmingly supportive of the Fudan teacher. Some people said, “No matter what the reason, kill the secretary, basically can not be wrong”; others said, “party secretary will not have good people, kill a good”. …… Regardless of the rightness or wrongness of these statements, the flood of public opinion is also the most fearful for the CCP, which has lost all credibility and is full of evil. If the killing of the “party secretary” is followed by the masses of grieving “leeks”, it is more than the Chinese Communist Party can even think about.

It seems that the murder of the party secretary of Fudan University not only makes the chance of the CCP building Fudan University in Hungary more remote, but also puts a thick layer of gloom on the “Centennial Party Celebration” that the CCP has been deliberately concocting. Behind sensitive words like “a university” and “a colleague of Jiang” is the deep fear of the CCP.