From June 4 to “lie flat”

Thirty-two years have passed since June 4! June 4 was the first time since the Chinese Communist Party imposed a dictatorship that young people rose up with a sense of relative independence. In just a few dozen days, young people, mainly college students, declared their responsibility to society and their pursuit of the future with collective power. However, the Chinese Communist Party used violence to massacre and suppress the young people!

After June 4, the CCP strengthened its control over society, especially the young people, with violent deterrence and forced brainwashing. Under the dual watering of idealistic education coated with romantic colors and spiritual chicken soup full of material lures, truly crying out for social progress and running for social justice and fairness have become foolish words and actions to be ridiculed. After June 4, Chinese society has never again seen young people speak out, shout and act for social goals as a whole!

The post-80s, post-90s and post-00s young people are indeed working hard and struggling, but under the guise of illusory social ideals, they are actually striving for material success in life. However, under the system of powerful capital, it is difficult to break through the barrier of class solidification. With a few exceptions, the majority of young people’s efforts and struggles have become pathetic jokes. Even if they work hard at the pace of “996”, they cannot see a bright future. More and more young people are realizing that no matter how hard they work, the result is not much different. Is it worth spending such a huge cost of living? It has become a huge question mark!

The answer to this question mark is a breakthrough answer this May: lie flat! Rather than following the social expectations to persist in the struggle, it is better to choose the “lie flat” attitude in dealing with things. The word “lie flat” initially appeared in a short article on the Internet: “more than two years without work, are playing, do not feel where wrong. The pressure mainly comes from the people around each other after the comparison, looking for the positioning and the traditional concept of elders ……, people can not have to do so. Since this land never really existed, exalting the thought of human subjectivity, then I can make my own to myself, lie flat is my wise man movement. Only lying flat, man is the measure of all things.”

Then the word “lie flat” quickly fermented on the Internet, evolving into: not to marry, not to have children, not to buy a house, not to buy a car, not to start a business lie flatism!

The young people who stood up on June 4 were pushed down by the Chinese Communist Party, and more than 30 years later, the young people who realized that they could not stand up simply chose to lie down completely and lie flat! Unexpectedly, this seemingly helpless and cowardly reaction has aroused the fear of the Chinese Communist authorities. For this was the protest of the young generation after they had resigned themselves to their fate, and it became a “quiet” demonstration!

On May 27, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a microblog calling on young people to “live up to their mission, live up to their country” and not to choose to “lie flat”. As a result, the comment section underneath the microblogging was a huge flip-flop, with mocking comments surging, forcing the official microblogging site to close the comment section. Lying flatism is surging like wildfire! One commentary speculated that the interplay between the lay flat doctrine of the people and the acceleration doctrine of Emperor Xi would cause the broken car that the CCP has controlled for more than 70 years to fall apart!